Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor Review

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Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Nevermore

Album: This Godless Endeavor

Genre: Progressive Metal


01. Born
02. Final Product
03. My Acid Words
04. Bittersweet Feast
05. Sentient 6
06. Medicated Nation
07. The Holocaust Of Thought
08. Sell My Heart For Stones
09. The Psalm Of Lydia
10. A Future Uncertain
11. This Godless Endeavor


If there is utter perfection of tone, technique, melody, performance, and sound, Then this that and then some. The guitars are just punishing, the tone is thick yet breathes very nicely on the leads and solos. The drums are some of the best I've yet to hear, the bass, although rather simple, is just so awesome. And the vocals, Good god the vocals.....Perfect.


I know people hate it when People give the guitars a 10, But damnit, this deserves it such a strong way. Not only are they just awesome as they are, but there are completely original, they stick to the Nevermore style while adding new structures and stylings. "Final Product" is one of the most ecstasy inducing solos in Jeff Loomis solo catalog, and the sweeps in "This Godless Endeavor" rival not only the technique of any guitarist you can name, But he does, even though its fast as hell, He keeps melodic and strong. Even a person who doest play guitar could run through the sweeping section in there head without thinking. The riffs throughout the album destroy in terms of heaviness, and sheer brutality. "The Final Product" has some riffs that are just the awesome chug style riffs, "A Future Uncertain" has the fast alternate picking pedaled note style riffs, along with "This Godless Endeavor" (which contains the fattest pinch harmonics EVER). I can stress how amazing the guitars are, Jeff Loomis is truly a master of his craft.


Yeah, So its kinda the standard follow the guitars, although there are slight subtle differences that I really enjoy, that you might only notice with headphones. But you read how much I love the guitars, this only strengthens the overall sound of the album, and is just as perfect in tone and technique. I just love it.


Jaw droppingly amazing, technical, groovy, and just superb technique. The double bass tone is just amazing and surpasses most any drummer by MILES. Songs like "The Final Product", "This Godless Endeavor", "Sell My Heart For Stones", and "Sentient 6" are some of the most phenomenal drumming you will ever hear.


Once again, Im a massively devout fan of Warrel Dane, and this album just gives a reason to. Very few singers sing with Warrel Dane's conviction, strength, and energy. He is not there just to sing, But to bring a message, speak his mind and his opinion. Sentient 6 has some of the most 'desperate' and anxious vocals I've heard, the emotions are conveyed perfectly, "This Godless Endeavor" has a certain hint of frustration, desire, and hope in it that fuels the message forward onward. There are few singers who will match him. He also ends the album with one of the best sung lines in history. At the end of "This Godless Endeavor", the last words he said that close the album are "The Sky Has Opened", and the way he sings sends chills of terror and satisfaction up my spine, and close the album with absolute perfection.


Very politically driven at the center of it all, Expressing opinions on government, religion and the current state of the worlds, And does so with an educated point of view.

From 'Final Product'

The media loves the latest tragic suicide
They exploit it, then package it and profit from the people who die
Look at the world, look at the hell, look at the hate that we've made
Look at the final product, a world in slow decay
I'm told that all your seeds are black
I've learned the question in unanswered and opaque

We're witnessing a famine of the innocent
Did they die for religion or the government?
Because if your god won't do, their god will starve you
Look at the world, look at the hell, look at the hate that we've made
Look at the final product, a world in slow decay
I'm told that all your seeds are black
I've learned the question is unanswered and opaque

There are those that believe the world is ending again
That impending Armageddon is inevitable and waiting

I've told that all your seas are black
I've learned the question is unanswered and opaque

We live in a time of revolution
We swim the silent seas of sanity gone

From 'The Psalm Of Lydia'

When I blacked out in the winter months of Capricorn
I had a strange dream that I lived a thousand winter's gone
A thousand winter's faded gray and shuttered by the wind
To tell the tale of Lydia, her legacy begins uprising
Unveiling the absurdity in the tragedy of man
And it's hero the all seeing worm

The pain is born from memory of pleasures unparalleled and pure
In velvet sleep I live the past again
There is no chance to release me, no answer to bring peace
Some other people conjure dreaming, sanctified electric karmic burn through

The pigs, they marched from under to pull down the moon
And summon the bringer of doom
Now sullen the demons fade away and summon their final call
Lydia slayed them all

The pain is born from memory of pleasures unparalleled and pure
This is the psalm of Lydia
Oh my sweet Lydia the others have told me it is not your time to leave
It is not your time, you've so much more to see

From 'This Godless Endeavor'

And on the open road we came to a sign
For it was foretold that the weak would inherit
And nothing would change
Here we are at the crossroads, standing face to back
Still afraid to see our eyes
I feel helpless and alone, trapped on the thid stone

Sitting here sideways on a cold stone floord
My guitar gently bleeding and wanting more
When I heard a sound come rapping,
Tapping on my door

Hello, I'm happy to meet you
In your confidence is it safe?
Sit down I'm happy to greet you
To feed your greedy dog at the edge of the stage?
But before, before you slam the door
Tell me when, tell me why, tell me what this fucking life is for
We fly through this godless endeavor
We try to explain the black forever

I feel helpless and alone, trapped on the third stone

I feel permanently stoned, this godless endeavor the only cage I've known

Our organic equation has shown it's flaw
Can we agree to disagree on the concept of god?
As I lifted up my brother he said to me
"Abandon naive realism, surrender thought in cold precision"

I feel empty and deranged, denied one last epiphany and ushered from the stage

Thou shalt not question, the role of science is not to eliminate god
As alternative gods multiply science stands accused of theocide
Consume, conform

The children sitting in the trees, they turn to laugh at me
They tell me that I'm insane, but in my mind I know I'm to blame
Alone within my lunacy, dementia fills the void within me
No testament, prayer or diseased lament can heal my wounds
They are so discontent

All the faithful fall onto their knees
And praise the priests of industrial disease

We contemplate oblivion as we resonate our dissonance
In godless random interpretation
The universe still expands, mankind still can't understand
How to define you, so hide your face and watch us exterminate ourselves over you
Welcome to the end my friend...


Overall Impression

Since 2005, This has been a favorite of mine. I see no flaws or imperfections. If you like heavy, progressive, melodic, intense, forceful and driving music with virtuoso performances, Then this is for you. I have not tired of this album for over 3 years, and will never do so. Utter ..... Perfection.

Jeff Loomis

To show Jeff Loomis' Insane guitar work:

Compilation of solos and riffs from Nevermore songs (Final Product, River Dragon Has Come, Born and some others as well ) Including the amazing sweeping section of This Godless Endeavor.