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Nickelback is a Rock band that comes from Hanna (Alberta/Canada) and exists since 1995. It consists of the halfbrothers Mike (bassguitar) and Chad (guitar/vocals) Kroeger, Ryan Peake (guitar/vocals) and Daniel Adair (drums).

History & Evolution

The band was founded in 1995 and the name „Nickelback“ was found this way: Mike Kroeger worked in a „Starbucks“ shop and because of the price-system he always had to give the change – 5 cent – a nickel. So as he always said politely: „Here's your Nickel back“ his brother found this kind of funny and proposed „Nickelback“ as bandname. When the band was founded, another member of the Kroeger family was part of the band Brandon Kroeger played the drumms until 1997. 1996 the first EP called „Hesher“ appeared in Canada. It was limited to 4000 copies and today they are very rare and therefore expsensive. Still in 1996 the album Curb appeared but it wasn't a breakthrough, either. It gave them only a regional popularity. After some years of gigging and recording in 2000 their album „The State“ popped out, that appeard to be a big success. This album won numerous Canadian music prizes and was honored with goldstatus, too.

The single „Leader Of Men“ was also the first song that made it to a little popularity in europe but it wasn't the big breakthrough. It just made some europeans aware of the fact, that there are some musicians in Canada who made nice songs user posted image As a result, the band got a record deal for the Roadrunner Records Label – this was quite strange because the Roadrunner Records Label is usually known for metalbands. But in an interview Ryan Peake said that they signed their deal here because there were people with passion who don't want to make you a product. So after signing their contract, they weren't forced in any way to produce a new album (as they were with the „The State“ album – they had as much time this time as they wanted and needed). So in 2001 Nickelback finished to produce a new album called „Silver Side Up“ and this album made their big breakthrough. The most popular song of this album is the song „How You Remind Me“ that was turned into a single, afterwards. This song made it into the top10 of numerous charts. The successor could keep Nickelback on the success-line and was called „Too Bad“. The celebrity and popularity of Nickelback rised and rised. They became even that popular – expspecially in europe – that the planned europe tour had to change the halls they wanted to play in – they choosed bigger ones. Because of the Big Success they decided to re-public their debut-album „Curb“. The top of their popularity was made by Chad Kroeger who composed together with Josey Scott the filmmusic for Spiderman („hero“) in 2002. As they became very fast very popular, their next album turned out not to be a big success, as it happens to many newcomer bands. The album „The Long Road“ was not as successful as the former ones but the single „Someday“ was a acme of this album.

The other singles that were made off this album weren't popular at all. In 2003 the band covered together with Kid Rock the song „Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting“ (originally by Elton John) for the movie Charlies Angles. Since the 4th of march 2005 Nickelback has a new Drummer called Daniel Adair who is the former drummer of 3 Doors Down. Ryan Vikedal who played from '98 to '04 in the band was kicked out, because there were differences. Chad Kroeger said in an interview that Ryan would not have been the drumer, the band needed.

Nickelback live on a gig
Nickelback live on a gig
Afterwards he took him to court, because of the royals.

The 5th album of the band, thats called „All The Right Reasons“ is again a big succes and appears in october 2005. It becomes a huge hit in the USA and is there for more than 100 weeks in the top 30 .In Canada, The USA and Newzealand was the album on the top in australia and in the world-charts it made it up to the 2nd position for at least some weeks.

In 2006 Nickelback earned 74,1 million dollar and as a result they were the 3rd successful band in the world (after the Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi). The 6th studioalbum is planned to appear in november or december of this year (2008).


The musical style of Nickelback is mostly Hard Rock or Alternative Rock and Post Grunge. But there are a lot of other styles that are mixed together here; they have also influences of heavy metal (check out „Side of a bullet“) or pop (their greatest hits like Someday and How you Remind me).

„How You Remind Me Of Someday“

In 2003 some videos appeard on youtube that had the title „How You Remind Me of Someday“ because some people thought that the songs How You Remind Me“ and „Someday“ sounded very equal. In this kind of videos you can hear them mixed together, or better said played both at the same time; as it's a matter of fact that there are some equalities, Nickelback bass player Mike Kroeger said to this: "I think that's remarkable for someone to notice that there is a hit quality. If all hits sound the same, then sorry. When you are a band that has a distinct style such as us or AC/DC, that happens. When you have a distinct style, you run the risk of sounding similar“


Former Band Members

  • Ryan Vikedal
  • Mitch Guindon
  • Brandon Kroeger

Current Band Members

  • Ryan Peake
  • Chad Kroeger
  • Mike Kroeger
  • Daniel Adair




The State

Silver Side UP

The Long Road

All the Right Reasons





Leader of Men

Old Enough


Worthy to Say

How You Remind Me

Too Bad

Never Again

Nickelback live on a gig
Nickelback live on a gig


Figured You Out

Feelin' Way Too Damn Good

Because of You

See You at the Show



Far Away

Savin' Me


If Everyone Cared

Side of a Bullet


Live at Home

The Videos

Road to Success

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