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Nightwish is a symphonic power metal band from Kide in eastern Finland. The band has five members

Anette Olzon(Vocal)
Tuomas Holopainen(Keyboard)
Emppu Vuorinen(Giutar)
Marco Tapani Hietala(Bass and Vocal)
Jukka "Julius" Nevalainen(Drums)

Band History

The whole idea of Nightwish started a nigh in juli 1996 when Tuomas spend the night with his friends around the campfire. In the beggining the band had three mambers, Tarja, Tuomas and Empuu. The primary idea for the band was to create music that would be played around campfires. But when they had recorded their first demo Toumas decided that Tarjas soprano voice was to powerfull for that kind of music so they decided to ad metal in their music. Nightwish was born.

In 1997 they decided to ad a drummer in the band, Jukka joined. they replaced the acoustic guitar with an elecric and after a few weeks of practising the entered the studio and recorded seven songs. In may they singed a record deal for two albums with Spinefarm records. They recorded four new song and togheter with the seven they had recorded before it became their first album Angels fall first. They had their first live gig ever in Kitee on December 31 1997

In April 1998 they recorded their first video of the song The Carpenter and they made their first TV apperence on a Finnish show. They a bass guitarplayer in the band. Now they entered the studio to record a new album. after two months of hard work the new album Ocenborn was finnished. Nightwish got their big breakthtough with that album who ended up on fifth place on the Finnish albumlist.

In 1999 Nightwish was on tour around Finland for about three months. they realesed a new singel called Sleeping sun wich also included the tracks Walking in the air Swanheart and Angels fall first. In august it was confirmed that Nighwish was going on a tour around europe togheter with Rage.

In the beginning of 2000 they entered the studio again to record their third album. The album, Wishmaster was realesd in May the same year. In the summer they went on tour to South America wich was a great expirience for them. They recorded Their first live DVD wich was going to be realesed in 2001.

In March 2001 the entered the studio to make a new singel of Gary Moorse song Over The Hills And Far Away. The band extended their deal with Spinefarm for another album. After they have ended a tour in Finland the band was close to breaking up and chenges had to be made in order for them to continue. Tuomas went to Lappland to think. the solution was to replace the bass player.

After some hard times for the band they reciveid good news that they still were love by fans all around the world. They realesed a new album calle Centuary child in may 2002 and it sold gold within two hours after its realesed in Finland. Now they want on tour across the Atlantic to the US and South America.

In 2003 alot happened around the band. Jukka got a daughter, Tarja got married in secret and they realesed a DVD documentry called End Of Innocence. They started working on a new album and the band got recogniced by Finlands President Tarja Halonen.

In 2004 the band realesed their new album Once and it was a big sucess for the band. They now started a worldtour with 130 conserts planned all over the world in countrys like Japan, Australia, Ecuador, and Poland. In august 2005 they made their first ever show in the US.

Tarja is leaving the band

In 2005 the band decides to fire Tarja and here manager Marcello Cabuli because their attitude and actions had changed and that was not how the other guys in the band wanted. They played thier last show togheter at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki oktober 21. They also recorded a live DVD from that concert called End of an era.

Looking For a new singer

After listening to over 2000 singers the band finnaly found the right one. in May 2007 they annonced their new singer to be the swedish singer Anette Olzon. The day after they realesed a new single, Eva that was only sold on the internet and the money was donated to children charity.

The new album Dark Passion Play was realesed in september 2007 and hit the top list in many contrys.



1997 – Angels Fall First
1998 – Oceanborn
2000 – Wishmaster
2002 – Century Child
2004 – Once
2007 – Dark Passion Play


1997 - The Carpenter
1998 - Sacrament of Wilderness
1998 - Passion and the Opera
1999 - Walking in the Air
1999 - Sleeping Sun
2000 - The Kinslayer
2000 - Deep Silent Complete
2002 - Ever Dream
2002 - Bless the Child
2004 - Nemo
2004 - Wish I Had an Angel
2004 - Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
2005 - The Siren
2005 - Sleeping Sun
2007 - Eva
2007 - Amaranth
2007 - Bye Bye Beautiful
2007 - Eramaan Viimeinen
2008 - The Islander

Live Album

2001 – From Wishes to Eternity
2003 – End of Innocence
2006 – End of an Era