Obituary - Cause Of Death Review

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Obituary - Cause Of Death
Obituary - Cause Of Death

General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: Obituary

Album: Cause Of Death

Genre: Death Metal

Origin: Brandon FL USA

Year Of Release: September 19, 1990 (Remastered as a double disc in 2004 by RoadRunner with there debut album Slowly We Rot.)

Album Review


Ahh Obituary how your simpleness approach to death metal becomes such a huge hit to Metalheads around the globe. Coming from Florida, these death metalers formed a band not to be reckoned with. They became a phenomena in the scene with there hard hitting first album Slowly We Rot. A year later, coming up with Cause Of Death which is the album that every fan of death metal has to have in there collection. This is the album that put Obituary to the map with other Floridian Death Metal such as Death, Morbid Angel, and Atheist.

Obituary's sound is very simple. Come up with the most brutal riffs, play it slow but hard, and kick it up a notch with double bass that articulates the tremolo picking of Peres and Murphy. Solo's differ from fast and slow depending on the mood of the song and its really executed nicely.

Vocals are some of the most disturbing death vox I have ever heard. John Tardy has a very evil, dead sounding to his growls and it complements the music very nicely. Kinda sounds like Tardy is being tortured or impaled or something. It makes the whole album dark and sick(in a good way). Lyrics are about gore, mutilation, and slowly dying- you know standard death metal lyrics. What did you expect from an album called Cause Of Death? Flowers and love?

Cause Of Death is a great album. This set the standard for a death metal record. Its simple but it hits you like a brick. Want the true essence of death metal back in the day? Get this album along with Leprosy, Piece of Time, and Atlars Of Madness.