Opeth - Ghost Reveries Review

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Opeth - Ghost Reveries
Opeth - Ghost Reveries


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Opeth

Album: Ghost Reveries

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Label: Roadrunner Records


1. Ghost Of Perdition
2. The Baying Of The Hounds
3. Beneath The Mire
4. Atonement
5. Reverie/ Harlequin Forest
6. Hours Of Wealth
7. The Grand Conjuration
8. Isolation Years


10 I know we have plenty of Opeth fans here, and those that are big fans of them as I, Will know what i mean when i say, Opeth possess one of the most unique guitar sounds ever, and MIkale posseses the most intense growls ever. I can't begin to understand how they achieve it, there combinations of Chords not really asscoitated with metal, especially death metal, mixed with there playing style creates a very "Haunting" guitar sound on there heavy stuff, it pummels you relentlessly with strength, and creates this atmosphere that only be compared to "Other worldly" its definetly not of this earth kinda sound, it lifts you up in a powerful way. But Opeth is not all heavy death metal growlin', Mikale also posseses one of the most Beautiful voice, its unreal for a person to have his kinda of range and versatility, not many achive it, with his clean vocals, there softer songs like "Hours Of Wealth" create a soothing atmosphere, that relaxes and calms, "Hours Of Wealth" also has one of the greatest solos ever in it


10 On my "Lamentations Live DVD" Of Opeth, you hear Mikale say something along the line of "I dont think im that great of a lyricist" well folks, He is absolutely wrong Opeths lyrics are very beautiul, vivid, and driving force. some of them can strike an absolute haunting feel into you, like at the beginning of The Grand Conjuration

The Eyes....
Of The Devil...
Fixed On....
His Sinners...

Makes the foundation of my very soul shudder!! he also has some lyrics that are just plain beautiful...

There's a sense of longing in me
As I read Rosemary's letter
Her writing's honest
Can't forget the years she's lost

In isolation
She talks about her love
And as I read
"I'll die alone"
I know she was aching

There's a certain detail seen here
The pen must have slipped to the side
And left a stain
Next to his name
She knows he's gone

And isolation
Is all that would remain
"The wound in me is pouring out
To rest on a lover's shore"

I just love them...

Guitar Work

10 Phenomenal, amazing, Not only do they have one of the greatest rhythm sections, Miakel Akerfeldt writes some of the most amazing solo's, just beautiful!! abosultely amazing!! just listen to the solo in This song, its amazing, very calm, i mean the whole song is just a 100 out of 10. If you like Bluesy and creative metal solos with heavy riffage, you'll love opeth.

Overall Impression

10 One of the best albums i bought, simply amazing piece of music, Versatile is every way from Heavy riffage with some crazy intense growls to slow bluesy songs with beautiful vocals and music, superb album from a superb band.


The solo is like at 1:35, amazing stuff, a good example of there godly solo's