Origin - Antithesis Review

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Origin - Antithesis
Origin - Antithesis


General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: Origin

Album: Antithesis

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Origin: Kansas, USA Year Of Release: April 1st, 2008 from Relapse Records

Overall Album Review


As 2008 rolls around the corner, I realized that my 08 collection thus far have been dominated by Death Metal. Grave just released a new devastating album to again mark there territory as one of the leading bands of the Classic Death Metal era. Necrovation from Brazil just released there first album, and right then and there you can tell that this Brazilian band can really bring back the essence of the gritty muddy sound that Death Metal was famous for. Origin on the other hand was something I could never quite put my finger into. Maybe its that alien head looking cover that seems to be subtle and yet could possibly destroy all human kind. That cover seems to represent a lot of things that is done right with this album, and calling it good or brutal or even technical isn't enough of a Death Metal cliché to express the utter destruction this band can make.

My first initial thought of the opening track The Aftermath was a depravity of technical proportion that seems to obliterate any known man in sight. The opening riff alone reminded me of the four horsemen slaughtering all the living thing in its sight. The succession of riff changes and intervals are really well done that it seems that it was pasted together by the devil himself. Everything just clicks together nicely.

What I like about Origin the most is the fact that its not all about playing fast sweeping like a madman kinda music. They take there time with the song and build it up and take the listener to the top of the hill, then let gravity take you down 500 mph with those freak tastically good riffs. They still use a bit of chugging here and there just to bring you back to reality and then pummels you again with those unbelievable riffs. They also took the whole death metal triplet riff and made it 10000000x faster which was really great to hear.


The vocal work reminded me of Nergal on the Demigod album, but take away the processed vocals and put it on steroids. Its absolutely insane and really complements the overall attitude of the album. It grooves well with the riffs and drums. It twist and turns into insanity making you tear out your own entrails and stick it deep to your ears. Yea, I went there.


Drum work was double bass heaven. Inhumanly fast, but still keeping it controlled. It rolls well and complements the fast works of the guitar. Blast here blast there, it doesn't even get boring. Lots of shift changes to keep things interesting. I like how it can go slow and fast all in a matter of seconds. If your not paying attention, this could just tear out your own heart.

Last Impression

But honestly, whats more to say about an album that completely surprises its listeners. Technical Death Metal that is actually technical and not just a bunch of sweeps and fills. I think its an album of the year for me. I'm not gonna lie, of all the tech death I've listened to on my part, nothing can touch Origin. Sleep Terror? Necrophagist? Decapitated? Nope, not even close. These guys are an all new breed of tech death musicians sent from Death Metal planet to destroy all the Tech Death bands in site. So if you have to pick up an album, don't pick this up... it will just make you realize that the tech death band you idolized, like me on Decapitated, is nothing but a joke compare to Origin.