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Ovation is an American guitar brand from Bloomfield, Connecticut. They're mainly known for crafting high quality acoustic guitars, but have done a few electric guitars as well. Not only are these guitars known for their high quiality but also for their extraordinary looks, as you can spot at the picture above.


Ovation guitars doesn't exactly have the ordinary "acoustic look". What makes them so special are the round backs and the very characteristic soundholes. Instead of one big single hole in the middle of the body, most of the Ovation guitars are made with several soundholes that looks like leafes above and below the strings which sure gives them an unique look.

Regarding the round backs, Ovation guitars doesn't have the common plain backside that most other brand uses, but a round back made completely out of composite. The reason for this body is because it is said to give the best volume, tone and projetion. Ovation gained it's fame thanks to the round back and today they're avalible in three different body sizes, super shallow, mid-depth and deep bowl.

It's hardly any pure acoustic guitars on stage anymore, you will have to plug your acoustic guitar to an amplifier if you want to be heard in a crowded bar and still not loose your great tone. This is why more than 95% of all Ovations sold around the world today are acoustics with plug in features.


In the early sixties the helicopter engineer Charlie Kaman founded the company Ovation. Considering Charlie worked with designing rotor blades for choppers he had a great understanding for aerodynamics and vibrations. So in 1964 Charlie gathered some people to help him with the design of the guitar. The team soon found out that the flat back of a guitar prevented the projection of the sound. And that is when then round back idea came alive.


Finally 1966, the research was done and the first prototype model of an Ovation guitar reached out to the world. Charlie had done what few have ever succeeded in doing, he had revolutionized the acoustic guitar. Ovation guitars became famous as the guitars with the round backs and they convinced many guitar experts with this new idea.

After polishing the idea for two years and experimenting with plenty of prototype models the final version was done, it became known as the Ballader.

Ovation did not only produce acoustic guitars but some solidbody electric ones as well. In 1972 their first electric guitar came, called the Breadwinner. They kept on doing quite many solidbody electric guitars up in until the mid 80s. Most of these guitars are nowadays collectors items since only a few thousand were made of each model. And today around 95% of what they sell around the world are acoustic guitars.



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