Peavey 100watt Valve King Review

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Peavey 100watt Valve King
Peavey 100watt Valve King



Original author: Smikey2006

Weapon: Amp

Make: Peavey

Model: 100watt Valve King

Price: $1000


For this review i will be reviewing the newest addition to my family my Peavey VK 100watt head and cab. This is your basic tube amp right here. 4 12AX7 and 6L6GC tubes, 2 channels, clean and Lead, each channel has a bright switch which just adds a bit of overdrive, and a volume boost, Master Volume Nob, Treble bass middle and individual channel volumes can all be adjusted as well as the amount of gain on the lead channel. There are 2 dampining knobs as well allowing you to adjust the oresence and resonance of the amp. It also has a master reverb nob. 2 imputs as well as effect inputs. on the back it has a power selection depending on your cab.

Company Statistics

100 watts (rms) into 16, 8, or 4 ohms (switchable)
Four 6L6GC and three 12AX7 tubes
Two independent footswitchable channels
Separate EQ for each channel
Footswitchable gain/volume boost on lead channel
Dual paralleled speaker jacks
Reverb with level control
Buffered effects loop
Resonance and presence controls
Patented Textureâ„¢ variable Class A simulation control
Footswitch not included
Weight Unpacked: 40.5
Width Unpacked: 26.25
Depth Unpacked: 11.125
Height Unpacked: 9.625
Weight Packed: 48
Width Packed: 30.875
Depth Packed: 16
Height Packed: 14.75


I paid about 1000 for cab and head, i bought it in canada so Canadian dollars (almost the same as US Dollars right now). at Matts music shop in London Ontario(2 hour drive out of Toronto)

Personal Opinion

I held off writing this review until i was more well aquanted with this amp.. it really grows on you.. when i tried it at the music store i wasn't convinced yet i was urged so i got it anyways. Since then i have really warmed up to its tone and overall sound, with my pedals all hooked up it really seems to be a great amp, i find that it is very very solid and has not even suffered a major scratch through some use (not major use). Works well on all volumes, mid ranges are harder to find and the Gain really changes the volume alot. Ive never tried adding the second guitar on the same amp but i have used a micraphone but i was not impressed.


I play metal, the gain works great on this amp for that. The clean channels also work well. I don't think would recommend this amp for blues and jazz, it really needs a bit of crunch to sound like a professional sounding amp.


Super easy to use. Hit the power switch.. wait for the power light to light up and the tubes to get warmed up and then flick the standby switch. You choose your chanel with the chanel select button, in means Lead, out means Clean, adjust your volume, adjust your settings and your good to go. Setup was a sinch too, ive had no problems.


The sound is very VERY wavy. This is why i recommend using it for distortion mostly, it sounds better at high volumes but playing slow notes it sounds very choppy . Adding even a reverb pedal or phaser really helps with the wavyness. does work well for any tone ur trying to achieve though.


solid, very very solid, i see nothing breaking on this in the near future.


Overall a great amp for the price, use with caution, and i really do only recommend it for crunchier music. Good value even for what i paid, peavey site says it can go as low as $600. 8 out of 10 stars

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