Peavey Vypyr 15 Mini Review

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Peavey vypyr 15 mini review by shredmaster1393



The peavey vypyr 15 is the baby of a series of modeling amps. This amp is the smallest and cheapest for price but still packs a punch right out the box. It has many features, but not all the same features compared to the Vypyr 30, 75, and 100. This little devil comes with effects, different amp models, and a built in tuner. It also comes with a trial of Reaper. This is recomended to anyone and everyone. Its a good little practice amp!!!!! it also features a auxillary input for ipods etc: and it has a headphone and record out jack.

== Effects ==

The Peavey Vypyr 15 has 12 "Rack" effects that can be edited. The effects are Tremolo, Chorus, Envelope Filter(Wah-like sound), Slap back, Flanger, Tube screamer, Octaver, Phaser Rotary Speaker, Reverse, and Pitch Shifter. These effects sound pretty good as their presets, but get even better when you customize them.

Amp models

The Vypyr has the amp models of the Peavy XXX, 6505, K-stein, JSX, Fender Twin and Deluxe, Plxi, Brit, B-kat and the Classic. These amp models can also be altered. From the initial start up of the amp there are amp and effects presets. These presets are also editable and saved with the holding of a button. There are 3 banks with 4 presets in each bank.

== Bands that use Peavey ==

Some bands that use Peavey are Lynyard Skynyard, Dragonforce, Joe Satriani, Trivium and many more bands.


This amp is good for practicing and jamming on. This amp costs about 100$ or less. Its durable and not too big to carry around!! I recommend this for not spending alot of money an an amp. You will get your money worth!!!!

For a sound example check out my video on youtube:

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