Peavey Wolfgang Review

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Peavey Wolfgang Standard
Peavey Wolfgang Standard


General Information

Original Author: vikingraider1

Weapon: Peavey Wolfgang Standard

Make: Peavey

Model: Wolfgang Standard

Price: Bought for $1,000


Basswood body with maple top
Birdseye Maple neck
Schaller tuners
Floyd Rose double locking Tremolo
Two custom wound humbuckers
1 volume, 1 tone

Own musical preference

I play punk, metal and rock and this guitar is suited to all. I run it through my Peavey 5150 and it sounds great. Its brighter than my Gibsons, probably due to the pickups and wood combination but it sounds beefier than the 490 pickups in my SGs.

Sound Quality

The only downside (and its not a real downside) on this guitar is the pickups. I like them, don't get me wrong, but I'd prefer them to be a tad hotter. I've seen people replace the pickups on these with DiMarzio Air Nortons and Tone Zones in the neck with great results so I am tempted to change them but they do sound pretty damn good as they are. I can't really describe what it sounds like but if you want to hear how it sounds recorded, have a listen to this...

Ease Of Use

The unvarnished neck on this guitar is great. Real fast and comfortable. Think of a 59 Gibson type neck but more comfortable and faster. Mine was set up really nicely when I got it, nice low action and no buzzing whatsoever. The birdseye maple neck gets dirty very quickly but hey, thats rock and roll man! The next big bonus on this is the Floyd. I've got a schaller floyd rose on my Charvel 475 and its great until you bust a string. Its not a quick or easy string change, and also the guitar goes wildly out of tune. Not so with the Wolfgang, because it only rocks forward, not back so although not a floating trem, it stays in tune perfectly and if you bust a string it isn't a massive drama. Its also a quality trem, not a cheap copy. Really solid feel to it too. The body is nice and small and very comfortable. Not as heavy as the Special and nicely balanced too. I'm going to put strap locks on it, just in case but the strap buttons are ok for now.


All the Peavey gear I have ever used has been quality and this is no exception. For the money you'd expect a decent guitar and believe me, this excels itself when it comes to quality. The Floyd Rose is the best Floyd I've used, its solid, stays in tune and is really comfortable. The overall feel is on of quality and on close inspection it is flawless. No blemishes of shortcuts taken here.. (Gibson should take note!!). I can't fault it, honestly from the construction, parts and set up it was just perfect.

Overall Impression

A lot of people talk about the holy grail guitar that has the sound, playability and quality all rolled into one. The Wolfgang could well be that, so far its the nicest guitar I've used. Puts my Gibsons to shame on all fronts and is much more versatile. The clean sounds that you can get from this guitar (even though its got humbuckers) is really nice, some people add coil taps to Wolfgangs but personally I don't think it needs them. All in all a fantastic guitar which is now my main axe.