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Peeping Tom is the brain child of Mike Patton. Mike colloborated with many artists to form what he called 'pop' music and what he thought pop music should sound like on the radio.

Originally formed in 2000 but the release was delayed many years due to Mike hectic schedule with all his other projects. The final result of this cd is still nothing short of extrodinary from Mike. To this day he keeps his following on the edge of their seats wonder what he may do next.


Peeping Tom

Track Listing

"Five Seconds" (featuring Odd Nosdam) – 4:20

"Mojo" (featuring Rahzel and Dan The Automator) – 3:40

"Don't Even Trip" (featuring Amon Tobin) – 5:46

"Getaway" (featuring Kool Keith) – 3:22

"Your Neighborhood Spaceman" (featuring Jel and Odd Nosdam) – 5:45

"Kill the DJ" (featuring Massive Attack) – 4:09

"Caipirinha" (featuring Bebel Gilberto) – 2:46

"Celebrity Death Match" (featuring Kid Koala) – 3:42

"How U Feelin?" (featuring Doseone) – 2:44

"Sucker" (featuring Norah Jones) – 2:33

"We're Not Alone" (remix) (featuring Dub Trio) – 5:10