Protone Bulb Overdrive Deluxe Review

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General Information

Original Author: Todd Simpson

Weapon: Overdrive stomp box

Make: Protone

Model: Bulb Overdrive Deluxe

Price: $300


After a few months of painful waiting (I fear I nagged Dennis @ Pro Tone nearly to death) Dennis offered to upgrade my purchase of the Misha Custom Overdrive to the Misha DELUXE overdrive and I said, "YES!!!!!!"

It showed up and plugged it in and WOW. I have to tell you guys. GET ONE OF THESE PEDALS!!!

I've tried many, many overdrive pedals as you guys know. I own about a dozen of them currently. I'm going to put them all on ebay. I can't go back to them. This pedal is so much better, so beyond what the others can do that it's just staggering.

These pedals are not cheap and they are not easy to find. It's a limited edition run, and they are going to stop selling them @ Pro Tone so you may have to use Ebay or a music store to get one. But either way, GET ONE!!!


Here is a vid about the new features. It really is the secret to MISHAS killer tone. (Video by ProTone Pedals)

Here is my personal unit user posted image My new baby.

Paired with a Strictly 7 Cobra 8 string, it's pure ARMAGEDDON!!!

Here's the Bulb deluxe on bass guitar:

Here is a quick and dirty vid I did to show the Bulb Deluxe Overdrive from ProTone Pedals on BASS GUITAR. I'm using a cheap Ibanez GIO 5 String bass. The pickups in this bass are crap and sound like there is a blanket over them. But click on the pedal and BAM, the tone gets clear and aggressive.

It's an old studio trick to use a Tube Screamer on bass guitar to make it "growl" a bit user posted image I've done this myself. But it's never sounded like this. I WOULD NOT USE THIS SIGNAL BY ITSELF. I'd layer it over top of the original bass recording to add definition and clarity. That way I can keep the really low bits from the original track and dial in as much definition and growl as needed.

This would mean "re-amping" through the pedal but that's not complicated and well worth the benfits of tone. So far I have not found a setting on my fav plugins that adds this kind of clarity and growl for bass but I'll keep looking user posted image