R3fx Dual Resistafier Review

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R3fx Dual Resistafier
R3fx Dual Resistafier



Original author: Trond Vold

Weapon: Distortion pedal

Make: R3FX

Model: Dual Resistafier

Price: Check http://www.r3fx.com/?page_id=24 for updated prices.

Here's my review of the Dual Resistafier made by R3FX. http://www.r3fx.com/


The R3FX Dual Resistafier is a hi-gain distortion pedal designed to have a similar tone to a Dual Rectifier. I'm not really sure how well it comes close to emulating a real Rectifier, but what i do know is that this pedal rocks!

It has all the ingredients of a good higain distortion pedal should have: Clarity, punch, low noise and versatility.

The version I ordered came with 2 channels with seperate gain controls and a channel switcher for easy switching between sounds. You can also order a one-channel version, but i think the 2 channel one gives you alot more versatility, and the difference in price isnt anything worth mentioning. On my version there's a Bi-Colored led which also displays which channel i'm currently on.

Note: There arent any pictures in this review because there arent any real final-version pictures of the pedal as the design changes alot.


The standard version is priced at 150$, which is cheaper than alot of the pedals it punches a hole in. Take a look at http://www.r3fx.com/?page_id=24 for full pricelist and modifications possible.


I havent looked inside the unit yet, but judging by the enclosure and switches it looks robust and solid. No low-grade plastic-parts to be seen.


There's a bass, mid, treble, presence and volume controller in addition to the 2 gain controls. The controls do exactly what they are supposed to do and makes the pedal easy to finetune into your own sound.


The Dual Resistafier seems to go through alot of different designs and colors. Mine came in a cool-looking silver enclosure. Check the link under "customer support" for more on that.

Customer Support

R3FX is a one-man company. The communication with Jim (the owner) has been top notch.
Quick response, great service and he makes youtube demos of the each and every pedal before they are shipped out.
I think all companies should do something similar when it comes to non-massproduced units like these.

Me and audiopaal ordered one each, and you can watch the demo here:


There's enough Metal in this little box for everyone!
It's heavy, and it does it well.

The lower-gain settings are more than useful too.
But the pedal looses a small bit of it's distinctiveness when rolling back the gain. It still sounds great, just not fully as exciting.

It's definetly worth looking into if your tired of the way your old distortion pedals sound.
There's tons of different demos of the pedal on Jim's youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jimosity

I'm going to put up some unprocessed demos up soon, but in the meantine you can listen to my latest track, Shun
I used the Dual Resistafier on the rhythm-tracks (but note, they are processed).

Final score: 9.5/10