REC HowTo: Simple Guidelines to Record a Lesson

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REC HowTo: Simple Guidelines to Record a Lesson

An article by Todd Simpson

A pair of recording speakers (monitors) are a good idea. We call speakers "Monitors" when they cross over in to the pro/semi-pro realm. E.G. used in music production by pros/semi pros.

There are many good "Starter" monitors. For example, even a used pair of KRK ROKIT 6 inch or 8 inch would be great. (That is a measure of the size of the big speaker called the woofer, 6 inches or 8 inches) I have a pair of the ROKIT 6 and they are quite good user posted image They run about $300 a pair. OR the new JBL LSR305 which also run about $300 per pair brand new. Cheaper used of course.

JBL Monitors

These are monitors that you can trust during your music production. If these are out of reach, I'd suggest a good pair of headphones until you can save enough to get a pair of monitors.

AKG make great studio headphones for about $100 for a good starter pair. Here are a pair for $88

AKG Headphones

I've got a pair of these myself. user posted image

You need a way to get your guitar in to your computer. This is called an "AUDIO INTERFACE". You can start out just using a simple guitar cable with USB on one end. This is a great inexpensive way to get going with computer music production.

Here is one that is actually intended for a video game called ROCK SMITH which is a great game to teach guitar btw. I have one of these cables. Plug one end in to your guitar, then usb to your computer.

Rock Smith Cable

On to music software, you need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) most folks use REAPER as it's free to try. A few use Cubase, but not that many. Here is a link to download reaper.


However, if you know how to use Cubase, then by all means use it and learn Reaper later.

Then you need a "plugin" to give your guitar some distortion/fx/etc. There are tons of these. You can launch them inside your DAW so that you can record yourself user posted image

Here is a link to get started. This plugin is called AMPLITUDE. It has free amps/fx and you can purhcase others if you like. Free to use as is.