Rage Against The Machine Album Review

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Rage Against The Machine Album
Rage Against The Machine Album


General Information

Original Author: Eat-Sleep_andJam

Artist: Rage Against The Machine

Album: Rage Against The Machine

Genre: Metal/Funk/Rap


I thought we might have some Rage finds in here so I thought Id do a little review on their debut album. I really like the whole Metal/Funk/Rap vibe coming out of this one. Tom Morello is as usual very creative and inspiring on guitar. Zack de la Rocha on vocals always has something to say in every song on the album. His views sometimes might be carried a bit out of proportion but I think thats what gives R.A.T.M it's real rebellion type vibe.

Track Listing

1. "Bombtrack" – 4:05 *
2. "Killing in the Name" – 5:14 *
3. "Take the Power Back" – 5:37
4. "Settle for Nothing" – 4:49
5. "Bullet in the Head" – 5:09
6. "Know Your Enemy" – 4:57 *
7. "Wake Up" – 6:04 *
8. "Fistful of Steel" – 5:31 *
9. "Township Rebellion" – 5:25
10. "Freedom" – 6:06 *


The sound of this album is what makes it so special . Each song starts with a complete curveball, you have no idea what your going to hear next and why your going to hear it. Thats where the Lyrics come in.


The Lyrics set the mood of the song( Duh ! Doesnt every songs lyrics do that ?) Well not in the way that R.A.T.M does this. Most of the songs start with Bassist Tim Commerford playing an exoctic Bass line and then Morello follows in with a unique Rhythm or Lead Lick that develops into the bands powerful lyrics. The lyrics have a political back/slash to them that gives them all the more power and style.

In the song "Killing in the Name " there are multiple spots where R.A.T.M's politcal darkside takes over.

"Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses" This line is allegedly about how some members of the United States Law Enforcement were also part of the Ku Klux Klan. There are lots of hidden messeges in R.A.T.M's music, some I am not at liberty to share on the forum. But look into their music yourself and your bound to find sublimonal messeging within it .

Note: Some of Rage's music uses excessive vulgar language but dont let that stop you from listening to them !

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