Rhapsody - Symphony Of The Enchanted Lands Review

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Rhapsody - Symphony Of The Enchanted Lands
Rhapsody - Symphony Of The Enchanted Lands


General Information

Original Author: Slash91

Artist: Rhapsody (now Rhapsody of Fire)

Album: Symphony of the Enchanted Lands

Genre: Symphonic Epic Hollywood Metal (power metal)


01. Epicus Furor
02. Emerald Sword
03. Wisdom of tthe Kings
04 Heroes of the lost Valley
05. Eternal Glory
06 Beyond the Gates of Infinity
07. Wings of Destiny
08 The Dark Tower of Abyss
09. Riding the Winds of Eternity
10. Symphony of the Enchanted Lands


One of many incredible albums from Rhapsody (or Rhapsody of Fire as they are now known). Almost Every aspect of this album, from The orchestras and choirs, to Fabian's operatic vocals, to Luca Turilli's melodic shred, is amazing. It's unbelievable how many different instruments and vocal parts can be used all at one time, and it still sounds great. As far as the attitude of the album goes, it is certainly Rhapsody's most upbeat, positive, "happy" album. There are also many mid-evil sounding interludes and epic choruses that make the listener imagine himself in the Enchanted Lands Only complaint that I have about the sound is that Luca's guitar isn't loud enough in some of his solos. That's an easy fault to forgive with everything else though. Incredible sound; case closed 10

Guitar Work

The guitar work on this album in particular is lot more melodic and doesn't stand put as much as that of a lot of Rhapsody's other albums. There is a blazing sweep solo to be heard every once in while, but as I said, his tone isn't loud enough sometimes. That's a downer, but the slower solos (which can be heard clearly) are so melodic and beautiful that the abscence of a lot of the really fast stuff doesn't really bother me. Very good, clean guitar work, epic tone 8


Unbelievably good. This album in particular is alot more devoted to the orchestral side of things than other Rhapsody albums. Alex Strapoli (Key board, orchestra) is truly a master at composing incredible orchestral pieces. No gripes here 10


Although I hate opera by itself, I love it mixed with metal. Does that make sense? Anyway, Fabio Lione is a VERY talented singer, who's voice meshes perfectly with the style of music. The choirs is the background are also quite incredible. I do have a complaint about the guy who does the voice acting, though. He's god -awful, cheesy, and sounds like some drunk that Rhapsody paid ten bucks to say some lines for them. I hope I never hear his voice again 8


Yeah, they're extremely cheesy, but I still love 'em. Sometimes they are somewhat lame, especially in the voice acting part but if you like epic things than you'll most certainly like these. 7

Wisdom of the Kings

Removed the stones which hide the cave
blind and dark along my way
I must go on wise and brave before a last hail
At the end of floor stairs of ancient stone
lead me to a vision, an unreal hall

And they appear in front of me
lightened by a mystic flame
A new dimension I have to face beyond the gates
I can not believe oh what now I see
when the two demons awake from the sleep

Holy dragons keepers of time
Ride brave the blue skies and spell my eyes
Fly beyond these hills ride on the wind
The wisdom of the kings

Eternal Glory

Echoes of terror in this old land
I see the result of their quest
Skulls of old heroes lie everywhere in this mystical place
Dust in their eyes, dust in my pride
in this infinite journey to the ancient sword

I can hear their lament between these rocks
the whisper on an angry ghost
he speaks for them all trapped on this lost world
I am their very last hope
to ride from hell free once again to break the chains from a bloody past for my victory

Eternal glory ride to me pound in my heart for the Algalord kings Eternal glory spread your wide wings fly and forever lead my holy steel

Overall impresson

Awesome, epic album. I don't have much more to say other than I would very much like to see Rhapsody put out an album like this again. 9