Rhapsody Of Fire - Visions From The Enchanted Lands DVD Review

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Rhapsody Of Fire - Visions From The Enchanted Lands DVD
Rhapsody Of Fire - Visions From The Enchanted Lands DVD


General Information

Original Author: Superize

Artist: Rhapsody Of Fire

Album: Visions From The Enchanted Lands

Genre: ??



Unholy Warcry(Introduction)
The past few years
The wisdom of the kings(Live from Canada)
The fans
The willage of the Dwarves(Live from Canada)
The mystical journey
Erians mystical rhymes(Live from Canada)
Drum Solo
Canadien Cousins
Dawn of victory(Live from Canada)
Lamento Eroico
Emerald Sword
Chech Republic Masters of rock
The Willages of Dwarves
Land of imortals
German Earthshaker fest 2005
Holy Thunderforce

Bonus tracks

Unholy Warcry(Extended version)
The magic of the wizards dream(German version)

Unreleased Bonus Track(Audio only)

Age of the reed moon
Power of thy sword

Music video
Unholy Warcry
The magic of the wizards dream

The making of te dark secret
The makig of wizards dream

Unholy Warry(Live from USA)
Live equipment
Additional interviews from 2005 tour
Triumph or agony-Electronic press kit
Rhersal-Erians mystical rhymes
The willage of Dwarves
Unholy Warcry-Musc video(begind the scenes)

Puh....After reading this setlist yo must be sick and tied of reading.....(I know i would)


Well here is a review of Rhapsody of fires first live DVD visions from the enhanted lands....

First of all i would like t say when i first saw it i was sad that they havent recorded one whole concert but they had taken songs fro many concert and out togheter along with alot of talking and intervews but now that i have wathed it i thought that is really interesting to here what the band members had to say.........

Now for the rating...


10(If I could give more I would)

I was really surprised how good the sound live..... After hearing how good their live albums sound i thoght that they never could sound as good live....but they did. Everythig they play sounds so clean and accurate that you almost start thnking if you are listening to a studio album...



As most of you know Luca Turilli is an very good guitarist and his live performance is no exeption.... Very accurate and clean paying and along with the other guitarist Dominique Levrquin they make a very good combination

Overal impression


Everything in this DVD was Above my expetcations..... The songs were played perfect it sounded very good and all of the documentrys in this are wery interresting to hear....

I recomended everyone to pick up this live DVD... its worth every penny