Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Self Titled Review

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Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Self Titled
Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Self Titled


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Album: Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Genre: Acoustic Instrumental (Many styles are mixed in this)


01. Tamacun
02. Diablo Rojo
03. Vikingman
04. Satori
05. Ixtapa
06. Stairway To Heaven
07. Orion
08. Juan Loco
09. PPA

NOTE: Since this is a strictly a guitar only album, it will be short

Guitar Work

10 Quite some time ago someone on GMC mentioned this band, and i fell in love with them. And for my birthday, my sister got me this album, And its an incredible album. The guitars are beautiful, an all acoustic album. From fast complex melodies and chord progressions to mellow songs with some just awesome guitar work. The guitar are supported by themselves, percussive sounds are produced by hitting the body of the guitar on different spots to produce different sounds. Every song sticks out to me, My favorites would have to be "Vikingman", "Satori", and there cover of Metallica's "Orion", which is brilliant, seeing the song played with just two acoustic players is something every guitar fan should hear. Even the cover of "Stairway To Heaven" is something new, with a new approach on the song, its a fun new way to listen to Zeppelin.

They mix many styles of music in here, there favorite style of music is actually Metal, mostly 80s's thrash like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Testament according to the information in the album. Alot of people think this would be considered flamenco, but you wont find much flamenco influence here, there is even a note in the back of the album saying that they are not flamenco players.

Overall Impression

10 In the end this album amazed me, the guitar work is complex, yet retains its melody and its beauty whilst also attaining a rather aggressive nature in the way some of these songs are played. The cover of "Orion" alone is worth the $12 it costs. If you like instrumental acoustic work like Antoine Dufour, Andy Mckee, or Don Ross, Rodrigo Y Gabriela should tickle this area of your musical interests perfectly!


Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Orion Excerpt

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Diablo Rojo