Samick Greg Bennett Torino Tr3 Review

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Samick Greg Bennett Torino Tr3
Samick Greg Bennett Torino Tr3


Original author: McGoo

Weapon: Guitar

Make: Samick

Model: Greg Bennett Torino Tr3

Price: £200


Samick Greg Bennett Torino TR3. I bought this off Ebay for £200, the previous owner had replaced the standard pickups with EMG's and I must say I'm very impressed with it. It's of course based on a Gibson SG and I think it matches up pretty well. Samick were really all about making copies years ago, sometimes even for other bigger guitar companies, anyway they decided to make their own guitars and brought in Greg Bennett to design them. I've been on the website and watched all the little videos and I have to say there is not much he has missed out on in the details. For example the angle of the headstock is specific so as to try to keep the energy on the strings rather have it travel past the nut and be absorbed into the headstock. The headstock is also deliberately small to try and minimise this. This creates more sustain on the strings. Bennett believes the tuning pegs should be positioned in a straight line with the strings as near as possible, and that this cuts down on strings ageing prematurely and problems staying in tune. The horns are not quite the same length, the upper one being slightly longer, but it balances out the looks when it is being played. The finish on my one is a type of deep green and is very striking. I would recommend you try one of these out if you get the chance, I was very surprised at how good it is for the price.


Some pictures: