Scale Boxes and Diagrams

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Welcome to the Scale Boxes and Diagrams article/page! This article is going to be a collection of all the helpful Scale Diagrams found on the lessons and they will all be located here in one place to make them easier to find!

--FretDancer69 20:38, 26 January 2008 (UTC)

Minor Pentatonic Scales

E Minor Pentatonic Boxes

Image:Em penta 5.jpg.gif

Image:Em penta 2.gif

Image:Em penta 3.gif

Image:Em penta 4.gif

Image:Em penta 5.gif

A Minor Pentatonic Boxes

Image:Am penta1.gif

Image:Am penta2.gif

Image:Am penta3.gif

Image:Am penta4.gif

Image:Am penta5.gif

Major Pentatonic Scales

Minor Scales

Major Scales