Scar Symmetry

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Scar Symmetry
Scar Symmetry

Born in the year 2004. This swedish, melodic, death metal band from Aveta has been tearing up the metal scene for the few years with rave reviews of the unique style of metal.

Infusing a vocal sound very reminscent to Cannibal Corpse all the way to Bryan Adams it seems at times. The final result is a very unique sounding band that has made a dent in the heavy metal world.

Still relatively new to the metal scene the have already under gone an important lineup change that can very well impact their sound. On September 2008, The band had announced that Christian Älvestam had moved on to a new project due to touring and creative differences. Last year on Octover 6 2009 they announced the replacements for Christian Alvestam: they will continue with two singers, Roberth Karlsson who will be doing the low end and growls and Lars Palmqvist who will be doing the clean vocals.

Christian Alvestam has moved onto a new project entitled Solution 45. Very limited details about this band but they do have a myspace page at



Roberth Karlsson - growls, backing clean vocals

Lars Palmqvist - clean vocals, backing growls

Jonas Kjellgren − guitar

Per Nilsson − guitar

Kenneth Seil − bass

Henrik Ohlsson − drums

Former members

Christian Älvestam − vocals


Seeds of Rebellion (demo) (2004)

Symmetric in Design (2005)

Pitch Black Progress (2006)

Holographic Universe (2008)


Mind Machine

Deviate from the Form

The Illusionist


Prism and Gate