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Schecter Guitar Research


Schecter Guitar Research was founded in 1976 By David Schecter in Van Nuys, California, America. Originally Schecter Guitar Research was a small repair shop who produced their own parts and would fix Fender and Gibson models. They slowly offered more and more parts for repair until they had enough parts to construct a whole guitar. It wasn't until 1979 when Schecter offered their first full instruments. These first guitars were high end custom models bassed off of Fender's. Very few were produced and only really became known when Pete Townshend of the Who began playing a Schecter Telecaster copy. Schecter continued on this way selling high end guitars until 1983. In 1983 Schecter was bought by a group of Texan investors who hoped to use the Schecter name to mass produce guitars to make a profit. The company was moved to Texas but due to very few of the Schecter employees moving with the company a line of not so great guitars was created and the investors lost interest after about 5 years. With a lack of public interest in Schecter guitars Hisatake Shibuya bought the company and moved it back to California in 1987. This would be known as the Re-form period as Schecter began to make high quality custom models once again. After rebuilding its reputation Schecter made Michael Ciravolo president in 1995. Michael was not a fan of the Fender Design and descided it was time for Schecter to move past this and begin making its own designs. To do this Michael added the Avenger, Hellcat and Tempest models. Schecter was still only producing high end models at this time and it was time to expand. The company began looking for a factory to mass produce their line. In 1997 it was descided that the factory would be bassed in South Korea and the guitars would then be setup in a shop in California. In 1998 Schecter introduced its most popular series the Diamond Series. This were 6 affordable and non custom guitars. In 1999 Schecter produced its first 7 string model and the c1 line and continues with these products today.


Schecter Guitar Research is a producer of electric guitars, basses, 7 strings and accoustics. It has many popular lines including: C Series, S Series, Tempest Series, 00 Series, PT Series, S-1 Tribal, Hellcat Series, Ultra Series, Artist Models, Extreme Series, Demon, Hellraiser Series, Blackjack Series, Exotic Series, Revenger, Omen Series, Damien Series, Aviation Series, Semi/Hollow Body 7 Strings, Baritones, Gryphon Series, Synyste Gates Custom series, Zacky Vengeance Custom series.

They carry the following basses: Omen Series, C Series, Model-T Series, Stiletto Series, Diamond J Series, Extreme Basses, 00 Series, Hellraiser Series, Damien Series, Gryphon Series.

user posted image The 006 Extreme (example of Schecter Guitar)

Price Range(Canadian Prices) Schecters come in a number of prices for every level of guitarist and to suit every budget. Ranging from around $400-$2000 theirs a schecter to suit everyones needs. Custom shop models being the most expensive and the Omen and Demon series begin the cheapest. C series S series and most Diamond series models ranging from $600-$1500

Merchandise Schecter Guitar Research offers various other merchanidse including hats, jackets, sweaters, lighters, backpacks, stickers, shorts, and strings.


There are many reputable Artists who have used or currently use Schecter models including: Pete Townshend- The Who, Yngwie Malmsteen, Prince, Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits , Sean Yseult ex-White Zombie , Jerry Horton of Papa Roach , Jeff Loomis of Nevermore , Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold , Zacky Vengeance of Avenged Sevenfold , Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam , Robert Smith of The Cure , Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots , The Misfits , Shaun Morgan of Seether, Pepe of Hatesphere, Tommy Victor of Prong

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Schecter Guitars have been called prefered by Hardrock and Metal musicians but have seeped there way into many other Genres including Jazz, Rock, Blues and Alternative Genres. With a very well rounded look and feel they can be found playing just about any Genre.