Schecter C-1 Exotic Star Review

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Schecter C-1 Exotic Star
Schecter C-1 Exotic Star


General Information

Original Author: Smikey2006

Weapon: Schecter C-1 Exotic Star

Make: Schecter

Model: C-1 Exotic Star

Price: $530


Neck-24 Jumbo, made of Mahogany with Ebony Fingerboard.
Inlays- Duel Ply "Nautical Star"
Pickups- Schecter SuperRockII with matching covers.
2 volumes 1 tone(tap), with 3 way switch
Bridge-Tone Pro Tom with through body
Grover tuners


AMAZING! one word describes it all, from warm melow tones to great distorted notes. 2 humbuckers give it great diversity, with a 3 switch and 2 volume nobs 1 for each humbucker which allows for 1 to be turned completely off while the other gathers all the sound. Tone has build in Overdrive which just shows the diversity of this guitar. great sound for almost any type of music. The clean is great for Jazz, Blues, Country soft rock or even jammin some hard rock. With overdrive and distorsion this guitar has a great heavy sound but is a light body so it tones down very easily.


Beutiful is the only word to describe it. None of the pictures i took do it justice. The Guitar is availible in 3 colours, Lava red(shown), Snow Leppard or Cayman Blue. The inlay is a Nautical star that marks the octive with no other inlays. very simple but very effective. Chrome hardware stands out no matter what the paint on the body. The head has the same paint as the body which is a feature i love on these guitars ( compared to fenders or Ibanez where the head is wood or black ( in many cases with exceptions). Very standard body for a Schecter. Resembles the body on a jackson. White trim is a great addition which is either loved or hated it seems. The dips on this guitars body are what make it really spectacular hard to see from my photots. My overall opinion is simply absolutly gorgious. Its a work of art from the designers in california to the crafters in South Korea. Every detail on this guitar is stunning. you have to meet one in person to truely see

Overall Impression

I love this guitar. I would have to say the only bad part is the setup when it arrived. Factory setup is very hard to play. It is "not" a shredding guitar. The action is too high to play at extreme speeds. It is great to play and hard to miss notes even at speeds but when you pick it up there is a definate difference to other faster guitars. This is an EXCELLENT GUITAR. Very versitle. Looks like a million bucks and sounds like a choir of angles is singing.... as long as you play it right . This isn't one id let the toddler play lock it up in a glass case stare at it all day and then take it out and jam and never put it down. excellent feel. lightwieght and great neck. again only complaint is the fretboard is a little slow.