Seagull S6 Original Review

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Seagull S6 Original
Seagull S6 Original


General Information

Original Author: Matt23

Weapon: Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

Make: Seagull

Model: S6 Original

Price: £330


Top : Select Pressure Tested Solid Cedar
Back & Sides : Wild Cherry
Neck : Silver Leaf Maple
Fingerboard & Bridge : Rosewood
Body: Non-Cutaway
Tusq® nut and compensated saddle
Finish : Semi-Gloss Custom Polished Finish
Strings: .012,.016,.024 (wound),.032 (wound),.042 (wound),.053 (wound)

Sound Quality: 9/10

I got this guitar for my birthday, and as soon as I played it just strumming a chord I loved the sound of it. However quietly you play this guitar the notes always sound full and don't lose tone when you don't play them as hard. The sound itself is really deep on the E and A strings, nice and round on the D and G strings, and very crisp on the B and E strings. The only way I can describe the overall sound is full. It has power, depth and crispness, and if you put it into a dropped tuning like DADGAD for example the sound has even more depth and sounds even better. The only thing wrong is that if you go above th 5th fret on the high E string the notes start to lose some of their depth. If I had to compare this sound to a professional guitarist I would say it is most like Andy Mckee's sound.

Ease Of Use: 8/10

This guitar has got a little bit of a high action for my liking, but I'm sure this can be altered pretty easily. It tunes very easily and doesn't go out of tune in alternate tunings. I do find the edge of the body your right arm goes over ends up pressing on my arm making it a bit uncomfortable unless you lean back, but that is probably because I am small.

Appearance: 10/10

I know this is a matter of taste, but I absolutely love the look of this guitar. I think the colour on the top of the body is very nice and I really like the finish. The back of the guitar is also a nice brown and the pattern of the wood looks really good. The wood of the fretboard looks very normal so I won't comment on it but the back of the neck is a rich orangey brown, which lookes very nice. The pickguard is a very dark red with a very nice natural looking pattern, and even the strings are godd looking as the four wound ones are gold (only in colour). The head of the guitar is my favourite shape and has nice writing and a nice logo containing a seagull. Even on the back of the machine heads there are engraved seagull's. You can probably tell that I am very impressed with the appearance of the guitar and can not think of anything about it I would change.

Overall Impression: 9/10

Overall, I really like this guitar as it sounds great, looks great, and is not expensive. I was also very impressed that this guitar was not made in a sweatshop in Taiwan, and infact was made in Seagull's hometown of LaPatrie in Quebec, Canada. I really like this guitar and recommend it very highly.