Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine Signature Live Wires Review

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Dave Mustaine Signature Live Wires
Dave Mustaine Signature Live Wires


Original author: Trond Vold

Weapon: Guitar Pickups

Make: Seymour Duncan

Model: Dave Mustaine Signature Live Wires

Price: $???


So I got sick of having people take me on my word that these pickups are glorious so I finally made some clips. Bear in mind, I sat down after having several beers and recorded these without warming up properly so the playing is a touch sloppy. But I'm a fairly average player regardless so enjoy them just the same


You can hear them for yourself, I don't need to review them, but a bit of back story, they're voiced after the SD JB and the Jazz, but they pack a bit more of a wallop.


All were recorded using my PodXTLive thru reaper.

Both cleans were recorded using "Blackface Lux", as was sustain, the tracks are supposed to be "Fade to Black" and "Fear of the Dark". MOP is your standard "Master of Puppets" pre-verse for the muting using SOLO100. CFH is the worst Cowboys from Hell I've ever played but thanks to alcohol and old strings I couldn't get the harmonics to stand out quite how I wanted to and as soon as I hit record I would flub it all anyway, recorded w/ L6 insane. Downtunemcore is "My Curse" verse recorded w/ "Spinal Puppet". Horse is Thunderhorse rhythm recorded using Treadplate Dual. Dirty Harmonic Muting is "Laid to Rest" squealy part recorded using Treadplate Dual.

The sustain one is just showing off the IMO great sustain coming from a king V shape guitar (ESP Ltd DV8-R. When I sober up tomorrow and actually have time to get my hands in sync, I'll record some more intricate stuff, but at the moment that's all over my head as evidenced by the mediocrity within .