Shredneck Review

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Original author: Muris Varajic & Jerry Arcidiacono

Weapon: Practice & Warmup tool

Make: Shredneck

Model: Shredneck

Price: Around 60$


Hello GMC:ers, We've decided to write a review about the Shredneck because we endorse it and we have some topics in the forum about practicing without a guitar. We hope this helps to clarify what the Shredneck can do for you.

What it's good for

Great tool for work-outs and warming-up! The Shredneck reproduces the first 7 frets of a guitar. It's mainly for muscle use since you can't "tune" it to desired pitch but you can adjust tension of the strings to your needs and liking. It's a perfect tool for your fingering hand, to build or maintain calluses. Best way about it is that you can carry/use it almost everywhere! Per example, you're sitting at your PC and browsing the web or you're watching the TV while doing some nasty stretches. Or you're in the bus, long drive, ideal time for tapping exercise. If you're blocked in the traffic with your car , the Shredneck can be very useful for you. It really happened!

You can hold it with your both hands or lay it down on your leg etc, there are really many ways how to use it.

It's great to have it when you're apart from guitar some while, small tool good enough to keep you in shape until you grab your axe.

The Shredneck is for left and right handed guitar players. It has side dot inlays on both sides of the fingerboard. If you're a left handed player, you can reverse the strings and the nuts.


Having purpose of it on our minds, we give 10 out of 10 to Shredneck.

Muris Varajic & Jerry Arcidiacono