Small Stone Phaser Pedal Review

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Small Stone Phaser Pedal
Small Stone Phaser Pedal



Original author: Smikey2006

Weapon: Pedal

Make: Small Stone

Model: Phaser

Price: 80$ (canadian)


This review is on one of my older peices of equiptment, my Small Stone phaser pedal. Its very simple.. when you turn it on it adds phaser to your guitar sound (sort of a pulsing sould) you have 2 nobs on it a colour switch and a rate (number of phases). + your stomp pedal. Fits in a kinda big and bulky black box but is very simple.


I paid 80$ (canadian) for this little guy which is a much better price than the Boss alternative(costing 140 here). Good value i believe ( although if i was to have bought a multi effects pedal i would have all these effets built in )

Personal Opinion

I really like it, the lower settings really give a great mood to the music, i can be used to really zaz up a boring clean lead. Its a little big but it feels solid and sounds great! i use it for clean parts in metal and for any cleaner genre im playing i find it works great for blues, metal, progressive even classical stuff. Its really all around for adding a bit of tone and flavor.

Ease of Use

So easy to use a small child could do it. Plug it in, output leads to amp input leads to guitar, stomp it, the little light on the front comes on, set the rate and if u want a little extra tone turn the colour on, if it doesn't work check the battery .


Sound Quality is good, ive never used any better pedals i assume there our there but this is a great beggining pedal.


It seems solid because its in a metal box, and i have not been able to break it as of yet, but it feels very lose inside and i fear for something coming ajar.


It is overall a good starting pedal for phaser at a good price, takes up a bit of room but thats expected with most stomp boxes rather than actual pedals. Good price, easy to use, good sound. id give it a 7 outta 10.