Storm Warrior - Northern Rage Review

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Storm Warrior - Northern Rage
Storm Warrior - Northern Rage


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Storm Warrior

Album: Northern Rage

Genre: Viking / Speed Metal

Label: Magick Records


1. And The Northewinde Bloweth
2. Heroic Deathe
3. Valhalla
4. Thy Last Fyre
5. Welcome Thy Rite
6. Odinn's Warriors
7. Bloode Eagle
8. Sigrblot
9. To Foreign Shores
10. Lindisfarne


9.5 Very unique sound, i was very impressed with this being just there first album, and only album as of now. Its very solid and creative. The sound can be defined as a mixture of some oldschool power metal sped up a bit with some very catchy melodies. As a matter of fact, to fully describe this sound, im gonna break it down by Instrument.


10 Quite amazing! Wonderful agressive sound reminiscent of....well i cant think of anything! they sound very original to me, the melodys are very innovative, and they way they use harmonys mixed with some speedpicking parts and sweeping creates a "Fantasy" like atmosphere, reminds me of Playing that part in every RPG Game where you have to fight like 20 bosses one after another. anyway, a good way to summerize there guitars are Fast, Agressive, Melodic, Melodys, with Faster, More Agressive, More Melodic riffs. Its more than enough to keep you wantin' more.


9 Very solid drums on this album, what stand out to me about this, is that sometimes it seems as if the drummer is following the guitars what i mean is imagine there is really fast plam muted part and a few open chords, during the plam muted notes there is super fast double bass and the open chords each have a differnt symbol. The drums are a large part of this band it seems, they are fast, and NEVER let up, but it doesnt over do it with any one technique, Like say, blastbeats, he keeps his drums parts fresh and new.


6 Nothing to amazing, but there are some parts where the bass is getting a real nice groove that sounds great and just flows really well, But i suppose from a musical standpoint the bass does exactly what it should be doing in Storm Warrior. The only bad point is sometimes i forget there is a bass on this record


8.5 A Very unique style, i havent heard a singer like this before his (Clean) vocals are quite agressive and in your face, and yet melodic in a strange way, couple this with the lyric style (which ill cover later) creates what i like to call a "War Cry" kind of thing, like the singer is constantly boosting the morale of his fellow comrades for the forthcoming battle. The only thing is that for some people it might seem to "Odd" for them, i have shown this band to many, and those who didnt like there singer couldnt say anything other than that they found it odd, maybe because he uses words like "Thou", "Thy", "Hathe" and such, this is the only aspect of this band that some people werent sure on, I however, am quite fond of these vocals, Agressive, Melodic, Pure, and all out power baby!


9 Same theme as bands like Amon Amarth, there lyrics tell of Viking history and legendary battles under Odinn's Command! and in the album they are kind of enough to explain what every song is about and where its place was in Viking culture is. So you always know what is goin on, and there writing style is also unique, read these excerpts...

From "Heroic Deathe"

"Faithfull I'll Die, Like Many Before
When Odinn Awaits Me Up Highe (Heroic Deathe!!)
I Have Foughte, And Yielde I Did Not
Steel Ends A Warrior's Life!!
(Heroic Deathe!!)"

From "Odinn's Warriors"

"Odinn's Warriors...
Fearless And Proud We Shall Strike
Odinn's Warriors...
In Vicotry, We Returne From The Fighte!!

The Spells Are Cast
Ferocious Hides Are Clad
The Bears Savage Power, Now Runs Through Me Veins!!
The Foes Are Stormed, A Spear Is Striking My Arm
And I Throw It Back,
Without Vestige Of Pain

Invulnerable, To Fire And Iron
No Sworde Can Bite Me...
When Im In Battle Rage!!"

Man i love those! vivid and powerfull, but its definetly not everyones thing. and they are supposed to be spelled like that thats how its on the album

Overall Impression

9 Amazing band with some awesome talent, Ferocious riffs, catchy melodys, strong vocals, powerful drums. A great mixture of Viking Culture with traditional style Speed Metal. Great album.

Recomended Tracks:
Odinns Warrios
Heroic Deathe
Bloode Eagle


Storm Warrior - Iron Prayers

The timing is off like by 3 seconds lol, but the song quality is good.

  • Thanks to Owen, i stole alot of new features from his reviews