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Superize (Isac Lundqvist)
Superize (Isac Lundqvist)


Student Instructor

Name: Superize(Real name Isac Lundqvist)

Location: Glommersträsk, Sweden

Date of Birth: 1988-03-22

Been playing guitar since: February 2007


I was never really interested in guitar and music when I was younger... I did play the trumpet for a couple of years but that got boring so I quit. My whole life since I was very young was sports.... That was the only thing I did and I barrely even listened to music.....

My music interest started when I was about 15 and a friend of come over with some songs and one of the songs was templars of steel by Hammerfall. I feel in love with it and from that day I have only loved metal music..... My interest in guitar playing began in the beginning of 2007 when I watched some youtube videos of people playing and thats when I decided that I want to be able to play my favorite songs on guitar. Still it took a while untill I decided to buy a guitar because I was still unsure if that was what I wanted..... I finally decided that after 2 weeks at home with a crack in my foot and pokerplaying that I am going to buy a guitar. I bought a cheap strat copy guitar and a small amp and started to look for some internet lessons. I didn't really find anything good but I kept on practising and then I found GMC.

GMC has helped me alot with my playing and I probably would have quit if hadn't found a place to learn at like GMC.........

I have never played in a band but I really hope to find one soon..........

My lessons will mostly be about Metal riffing techniques because that is what know best and if you have a request feel free to say them and I will give it my best shot to make something out of it.

Influences and Playing

I havent really thoght abouy my inluences that much but I like guitarists like, Alexei Lahio, Luca Turilli, Stefan Elmgren and Yngwie Malmsteen

List of lessons

Octave Licks for Beginners

Metal Riffs Part 1