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Funky Dominant Vamping

I the first section we have dominant voicings use in the main video funky vamp. So in the first three slow videos we will be going through 4 main inversions of dominant voicings on the fretboard. We all know that dominant voicings are deriverd from E mixolydian scale. E mixolydian scale is just like a regular major scale except it has a flatted 7th note. This note come in the dominant chord and gives it its characteristic suspense character.

These 4 main inversions all have different top notes – root, third, fifth or seventh. We go through 4 inversion on 4 adjacent treble strings, 4 adjacent middle strings and 4 adjacent bass strings. These inversion are all the dominant voicings that you'll be needing in order to make some great funk riffs or vamps. --Ivan

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