The Vala - Tremulous: The Great Ash Awaits Review

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Warrel Dane - The Vala - Tremulous: The Great Ash Awaits
Warrel Dane - The Vala - Tremulous: The Great Ash Awaits

General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: The Vala

Album: Tremulous: The Great Ash Awaits (Demo)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Black Metal/Viking Metal

Origin: Taylor Michigan

Record Label: Unsigned ( Request a free demo, and they will send you one



The Vala is a new band from Michigan. Making a name for themselves as one of the torch bearers of the Death/Black Metal on the city of Rock, Detroit Michigan. Although this is only a 4 track demo, it shows how these guys can write music that is EPIC to a proportion of Dissection meeting Iron Maiden. Combining such genres as Melodic Death Metal and Black Metal, The Vala doesn't let up on the brutality and great battle themed atmospheric interludes. The Vala could very well be a breath of fresh air in the US scene.

With this demo, the band made a "Concept Demo",as I like to call it, about Ragnarok. The end of the world that brings forth the final battle of Gods, and finally a rebirth of the world. Amidst The All Consuming Flame is one of the 2 real songs on this demo. It the perfect song to describe on what the band set forth on themselves as striving musicians in the death of the Michigan Metal scene. The song starts off with a riff that hooks you to the first beat. Accompanying the riff with the destruction of the drums, and the the Norther influenced keyboards. Very catchy. Jeff, the singer, is one of the better black metal vocalist I've heard in quite a while. Very simple, yet with a sense of pain to his vocals. With The Vala taking you for a ride on there own world of Ragnarok, it admitably gives you some hint of there other influences such as the Maiden like solo on Amidst The All Consuming Flame, and the prog-like instrumental symphonies of dueling guitar trade offs with the keyboards.

The second real song is called Sanctuary of the Hodmimirs Forest. It started about the same style as Amidst the All Consuming Flame, but showing a different side of the story. Much more melodic riffing in the vein of Dissection. A very epic lead in the middle with a slight classical interlude after it. Very tastefully done. This song also showcase the melodic soloing of Chris and his keyboards. Matt also does his melodic style soloing in this song. Blistering with his finger work around the neck, but still making it catchy.

Aside from making an uncompromising destruction of the band in this demo, they can also make some great atmospheric interludes between the songs. One of them being Tremulous: The Great Ash Awaits, which is a battle hymn. Battle drums that set the mood. Not only great songs, but great pre-songs to set the mood.

Expect great things from this band in the future. This winter in the dead of all things such as nature, The Vala will set forth there first full length album that is produced by the band itself. And like all things surrounding Ragnarok, the circle of life will bring us Death as well as Rebirth. And this is the perfect complement of the band as they make a name for themselves as one of the top premiers of up coming greatness.