Tiago della Vega

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Tiago della Vega
Tiago della Vega



First of all, I wanted to say, that it is extremely difficult to find good information about this guitarist. It took me long time to check if it is right or not. Some of these informations may be incorrect or not precise due to the mentioned reasons.


Tiago della Vega was born in 1984 and grew up in Caxias do Sul- Brazil. Already at the age of 5, he started learning acoustic guitar, but two years later, he realized that the electric guitar was his greatest passion and principal target in his life. It might be true that he was practising 16 hours a day which resulted into the fact that he gave lessons to other youngsters. As a guitar teacher, he earned a lot of experience and music knowledge. So he made an additional step and gave successful masterclasses and workshops in many cities of Brazil. Tiago della Vega also played in bands such as After Dark and Fermatha.

Tiago della Vega signed a deal with SG Records to publish his first soloist CD, "Hybrid". (Thanks to Lorenzo Castricini from SG records for this info!).


2005: Advent of the Truth (Along with Fermatha)
2009: Hybrid, SG Records


Tiago Della Vega - World Guitar Speed 2008
In this video, you see Tiago della Vega playing an alternate picking exercise (classical piece of music called "Flight of the Bumble Bee"). At first, he starts at 170 bpm and continues up to 320 bpm. His unbelievably precise technique allows him to reach such high speeds.

Tiago Della Vega - LOST
This video is Della Vega┬┤s entry for Guitar Idol. Of course, it is full of lightning fast runs.

Tiago Della Vega - Isabella
Showing his other side, we can say that Della Vega is also able to play slow songs filled with emotions.

Fermatha - Cover of The Mirror (by Dream Theater)
In this video, you can see Tiago Della Vega with his band Fermatha covering "The Mirror" by Dream Theater.

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