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Welcome to my second lesson!


About the Lesson
The Lesson
Harmonic Analysis of this Lesson
Last Words

About the Lesson

Many guitarists forget that their right hand has fingers, too. They rarely use them... what a pity! One can make really beautiful music with the fingers/nails. I want to introduce you a bit into classical guitar style. I created a song that uses one single fingering pattern - very easy. I believe that you will be able to use your right hand fingers more often after experiencing the fact that it sounds not that bad and you are able to play like this.
The lesson is in the key of E minor and its tempo is around 120 bpm. Here we go.

The Lesson

Video 1


The lesson starts with a fingering over the e minor chord. Use for the bass your thumb. Each other string has its own finger. The second bar is filled with the same pattern - this time over a D Maj9 chord (without 7) => D F# A E. In the next bar, we go back to e minor and then we switch to B Maj7add4.

Video 2


Very easy: A minor in the 5th position, G Major in the 3rd position, A min again, E minor on the 7th position and finally B Major in the 7th position. Same fingering.

Video 3


Here we go chromatically down the scale with the bass until we reach B (which is in the next lick). This motive was also used by Jimmy Page (=> Stairway to heaven). Chords: E min, G maj7 #5 and G Major.

Video 4


This ending lick starts with an A Major chord followed by an A minor chord (where the Eb is a D#). We announce the end with a nice sounding V degree of E minor: the B Major chord (added 7th: sounds better). The last bar consists of E minor, B Major and E minor chords, nothing special, just a I-V-I chord progression.

Analysis of this Lesson

This lesson is built up on a simple right hand fingering. It is entirely written in E minor, there only few out-notes added at the end when descending to the B (bebop scale used): The Bebop scale.

Last Words

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. I got again some more experience when recording this lesson. It´s a very good exercice for me, too. Now something new: If anybody posts a video of his performance of any lesson (by me of course user posted image), I´ll listen to him and try to make a lesson by request.user posted image Anyone interested?



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