Trivium - Shogun review

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Album Art
Album Art


General Information

Original Author: Guitarman700

Artist: Trivium

Album: Shogun

Year: 2008

Record Label: Roadrunner

Genre: Heavy Metal

Track Listing

1.Kirisute Gomen – 6:27
2.Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis – 6:49
3.Down from the Sky – 5:34
4.Into the Mouth of Hell We March – 5:52
5.Throes of Perdition – 5:54
6.Insurrection – 4:57
7.The Calamity – 4:58
8.He Who Spawned the Furies – 4:07
9.Of Prometheus and the Crucifix – 4:40
10.Like Callisto to a Star in Heaven – 5:25
11.Shogun – 11:54
[[Bonus Tracks:]]
"Poison, the Knife of the Noose" – 4:14
"Upon the Shores" – 5:21
"Iron Maiden" (Iron Maiden cover) – 3:43

Sound: 10/10

For this new album trivium have really upped the ante in regards to sound and production. the whole album sounds crisp and clear, and all the instruments sound amazing, especially the guitars. The mastering was done well, and the production as a whole is spot on.


Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu have learned some amazing new tricks, including death metal style Tremelo picking, and the entire skill level has shot into the stratosphere! the harmonies are tighter, the solos faster and more melodic, and the album as a whole, more diverse and interesting.

Bass: 9,7/10

Paolo Gregoletto has always been one of the bassists that caught my ear, and his work on this album is no exception. while he does follow the rythm guitar a good amount, he throws in alot of neat, ear pleasing tricks along the way.

Drums: 9/10

Travis Smith's drumming fits everything that matt and corey do, and he has a very unique style. im not a drummer, so i cant really say what hese doing, but i like it.

Vocals/Lyrics: 10/10

Matt Heafy delivers his best performance EVER on this album. his singing is more melodic, and his shouts more brutal. as for the lyrics, they are all excellent, but Down From The Sky strikes me the most;

A chasm grows
With the cavity of serpentine teeth
(Serpentine teeth)

Hunger pangs strike
For the sweet feast of innocent blood
Of innocent bloodshed

Now here we go

The vampires feed on the wars of mankind
The vampires feed on the wars of mankind

Growing fat on the throne of an empire
Tyrant rules with the threat of a great fire

I've opened up my eyes
Seen the world for what it's worth
Tears rain down from the sky

They'll blow it all to bits
To prove whose god wields all the power
Fire rains down from the sky

Overall Impression: 10/10

This Amazing album is Triviums best, and one of the best metal albums of the last 10 years. perfect in every way, and a serius musical treat. Awesome!

The special edition comes with almost an hour of guitar and bass instructional video, so get that one!