Usb 3.0 Powered Hub Review

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An article by Todd Simpson

The most overlooked part of your rig may be your hub. Most folks have whatever hub they 've been using. Often, it will let them down or be un powered or worse USBN 2.0 If you don't have USB 3.0 on your rig, it's time to either upgrade your rigor put a usb 3 card in it if it's a tower, if it's a laptop, and you can't really spring for a new one, fine a way to see if you can use any of it's existing ports to convert to usb 3.0.

Then get a POWERED (not un powered, they are worthless) usb 3.0 hub with as many ports as possible. This will save you from having to "chain" your hubs together which causes problems in many cases. I've found a 13 port powered usb 3.0 hub on amazon for below $30 so you can get them cheap.

-Keep in mind that plugging in a usb 3.0 hub in a usb 2.0 port won't help you. It's gotta be a usb 3.0 port user posted image At which point, your bandwidth issues with whatever sound interface you are using will just go away and file transfters will speed up at an alarming rate. It's a cheap upgrade and one any home studio can benefit from user posted image