Viking metal

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Viking Metal

Viking metal is a folkmetal subgenre of black metal. It refers to the epic Viking age.


Viking metal found its origins in the Swedish band Bathory. The lyrics and the sound described the epic Viking mythology, the Viking history and the cruel wars. Many bands followed the style of this new genre.


The sound of a Viking metalband is characterized by the galloping guitars, the quick drums and the typical Nordic folk instruments (fiddle, accordeon, flute, horn, etc.)
The lyrics contain, as mentioned, Viking melodies and tales.


Members of the band wear Viking outfits. The wear furs around their shoulders and horns on their leather belts. They look like fearless warriors, ready for battle.

Examples of Viking metalbands

Amon Amarth - Sweden
Bathory - Sweden
Ensiferum - Finland
Enslaved - Norway



Viking Rock

The related rockvariant of Viking metal is called Viking rock, which also takes its origin in the ancient Viking age.

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