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An article by Todd Simpson

If you are just starting out with multi fx and are buried under the array of choices, let me give you an idea. There is an older unit from DIGITECH called the VALVE FX. When they pop up on ebay they run about $100. Which is pretty darn cheap considering it's a full amp modeller with fx. It's an older unit so it's NOT and AXE FX but for $100, you just can't beat it. I had one and sold it to a student in need as I already had my Eleven rack which is three times the price.

Here is a recent listing on ebay.

Here are some demo vids. Please forgive the CRAP audio from the Camera Mic ( Major Sin) use a real mic guys. They are just not that expensive. Put a SM57 on you cab and run it direct to the camera if you have to and convert xlr down to 1/8th inch and just ram it in the input of the camera, bam. Anyhoo. Here is a demo. It's got wads of fx and a tube in in it, about $100

If you are willing to spend $200, then you can get about twice the power of the first unit as the next step up has TWO S DISC units instead of one found in the first unit. It's called the DIGITECH 212O ARTIST Here is a demo of a guy doing his thing. It's an older vid as it's vintage gear. But for $200, can't beat it. Also has a tube in it. It's the purple rack unit.

If you are willing to spend $300, then you can reach the promised land of the Avid Eleven Rack. It's been discontinued by AVid but they still make updated drivers and it's a recording interface with quarter inch and xlr inputs. Not to mention it's the only one of these that has a software editor so you can use your mouse to click and drag new tones which is quite handy. I love mine. Here is a demo where you hear a version of the 2120 called the 2101 as it's meant mostly for studio use and typically only comes with one S disc for processing. Which means you can run out of room when building a thick patch. The right channel is the 11 Rack. I must say though, the 2101 holds up!

I've owned the valve fx and the 2112 upgraded to the 2120 Digitech artist. Both were fine units but I kept the 11 Rack. It's just the best bang for the buck around these days. But if you don't have the budget, either of the first two will get you on your way!!