Vintenar - Who Seek The Warning Moon Review

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Vintenar - Who Seek The Warning Moon
Vintenar - Who Seek The Warning Moon

General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: Vintenar

Album: Who Seek The Warning Moon (Demo)

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

Origin: Mount Pleasent, Michigan

Record Label: Unsigned (



Vintenar is another band in Detroit that's making a name for themselves. Rising from the most un-pleasant mountains of Michigan rises another Black Metal that synonymous with the Black Metal Circle of Michigan.

The sound of Vintenar is a combination of Organ style keyboard Symphonies with Melodic Black Metal riffing ala 90's Sweden. Harley combines the vocal work of a deep operatic voice to his high shrieking vokills, to the deep growl that shatters blistering foes. The production value for this demo is a bit muddy, but what Black Metal band doesn't have a muddy production. If your not use to the shrieking wall of sounds of Black Metal, then this would be a treacherous path to plow through, but if your a veteran like the fans here, then you can find a beautiful side to this music. Yes, Black Metal with a beautiful Gothic atmosphere. Hard to believe but vintenar can pull it off. Its hard to dissect Vintenar bits by bits, but it should come naturally to someone when they hear something special about this demo. Its Black Metal without the usual Black Metal elements. Its different. The overall power and aura it possess has a very spiritual feeling to it.

This 4 track demo is one of the albums of 08 that I was delighted to lay my ears on. It keeps a very haunting tempo through the whole album. They stray away from the grim production, the usual corpse paint and other Black Metal cliche's. Harley's vocals seems to overpower the instruments a bit, but it gives a more powerful feeling I think. The riffs are catchy in a Black Metal way. Lots of tremolo riffs while the drums blist through it like a thousand hungry orcs on a hunt for humans.

This demo is deadly. I feel sorry for the European Black Metal bands coming out right now.