Violator - Chemical Assault Review

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Violator - Chemical Assault
Violator - Chemical Assault

General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: Violator

Album: Chemical Assault

Genre: Thrash Metal/Beer Thrash

Origin: Brazil

Came out: 2006


2006 was the time to revive the good ol thrash metal from the Bay Area and Brazilian side of the genre. Beer thrash is what they usually call it because apparently Thrash Metal and Beer goes hand in hand. Offcourse Thrash was all bout partying.

Now on to the review. Violator waste no time on plunging you to the thrash scene. Its recentless as always. Straight up thrash, no hiding behind flashy things. Good ol fashion hardcore punk chants and lyrics. Its just a great album by the veterans of the scene. And the fact that this album sounds very 80's thrash. It really sounds like the album came out 15 years ago becasue the production although good its still grimey and messy. Beeing part of this music is like goin back to the underground thrash scenes. Its just plain kick ass of an album and anyone whos into thrash metal should check em out.


Well what can I say, the reunions and the revival of the Thrash bands commin out lately is something to be behold. The album gets a 10 out of 10. A classic album indeed.