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Vox is an English-founded music gear manufacturer. Now it is owned by the Japanese firm Korg. Vox is most knowed for its AC-amp series.


The first product that appeared with the VOX label on it, was a foot pedal for controlling the volume. This happened in '54.
Few years later the AC-series were made. The 15-watt amps were immediately succesful. They had this great Rock 'n Roll sound.
In 1959 the first Vox guitars appeared.

Soon the music industry demanded for a bigger/louder amp. The 'AC30/4 Twin' was a 2-speaker amp with the same circuit as the older AC15.
In 1962, the Vox Continental Organ is introduced. It was an instant classic, used by most of the British Invasion groups including The Animals and The Beatles. The Beatles also used the Vox Amps.

In 1963 the first Vox Bass amps were introduced.
Vox amps and Continental Organs are both very succesful in the world of music. The Vox wah is very popular among the guitarists.