Vox Amplug Metal Review

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Vox Amplug Metal
Vox Amplug Metal



A review by AudioPaal

I bought a cheap little thingy from VOX a few days ago..
The VOX AmPlug Metal

It's a little cartrigde with a golden VOX logo, three controls (gain, tone and volume), on/off switch, red power led, a mini-jack out for headphones (or recording, but I'll get to that later), a bit of vintage VOX styling and a big piece of jack sticking out underneath (for plugging into your guitar).

It runs on two AAA batteries, and runs for quite some time (if you remember to turn it off after use user posted image)


40 USD.
Great bang for your buck.


Plug it into your guitar, put some headphones on your head and ROCK ON! user posted image
It's easy as sunday morning!


Looks great actually! VOX in a box user posted image


The most important thing of the whole review isn't it...?
The sound is good, but it's got a high end fizzle going on that I'm not to fond of..
I mean, it's better than many amp modelers out there and that's a great achievment cosidering it's size and prize.

If you plug a jack into the headphones output, you can record directly through your soundcard.
And that works flawlessly, and sounds very well too.

I've recorded a clip with 4 different riffs so you can hear what it's all about user posted image
To make it sound better, I EQ'ed it a little..

Demo: testing_VOX_AmPlug_Metal_2.mp3 ( 4.46MB )

Considering what you get for the price, this is a very cool device!
Well worth the money for shredding your ears to a bloody pulp without bothering anyone user posted image

A review by AudioPaal