WARBRINGER - War Without End Review

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WARBRINGER - War Without End
WARBRINGER - War Without End


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator


Album: War Without End

Genre: Thrash Metal


01. Total War
02. Systematic Genocide
03. Dread Command
04. Hell On Earth
05. At The Crack Of Doom
06. Beneath The Waves
07. Instruments Of Torture
08. Shoot To Kill
09. Born Of The Ruins
10. Combat Shock
11. Untitled (Random Song)


8 Thrash is the name of the game here, nothing else will suffice. Not a single ballad or acoustic to be found, Straight ahead in your face balls to the wall thrash. Warbringer bring fast and relentless riff after riff, gallops that would make any army march forward into battle, and solo after solo and just impeccable technique, and pure speed!!


9 I think that any thrash fan will thoroughly enjoy the guitar work on here, Riff after riff solo after solo the tempo keeps increasing, they keep shoving the limits further and further, playing faster, more solos, a heavier riff, it just keeps coming! From the guitar duels of "Total War" and "Systematic Chaos" every song has got some super fast solo that will leave your face melted off your skull. The riffs are massive combination of where 80s thrash bands ended for awhile, added with a modern touch. If you liked the guitar work of bands like Exodus, Slayer, or Annihilator, You will love this.


7 Didnt hear through most of the album, But i heard it very well live, It just got lost in the mix, and then trapped by wookies or something....I dont know. Judging by what i saw live, I will say the bass is fairly good, quick little solos and interludes, and with a thick tone, similar to Alex Webster's of Cannibal Corpse, Nothing amazing really, But it still brings back the fond memories of old school thrash!


8 Man, i love the drums on here, Impossibly fast double bass and technical drumming, but he knows how to keep a groove like no other, the first two songs alone display insane cool grooves, with a galloping double bass that beats away at your heart as if sieging a castle fortress. The mans fills are also worthy of note, reminds me a little of the mighty and epic George Kollias (Nile) even, Definitely an aspect of the album i look forward too every time i hear it.


8 I have quickly fallen in love with John Kevill's voice. Its pure aggressiveness, desperation, frustration and anger just fuel me up with so much energy i dont know how to expel it!! Taking a similar style like Chuck Billy (Testament) but pushing it further is what it reminds me of. He screams the chants of war, as the armies of the dead march upon the ruined cities. Pure aggression, nothing else!


8 If you are a fan of the old school thrash from the 80s underground, you will probably love these lyrics, To some it might seem plain and whatnot, but I love the topics from the world in the future engulfed in endless war, terrorizing the planet, to a zombie army wreaking havoc on the world, and there are done very well, extremely vivid!!!

From Systematic Genocide
The orders given
The time has come to kill
Dispatched in silence
Commanded by psychotic will

Time To Die!!
Systematic Genocide, Time to end your life
Time To Die!!
Systematic Genocide, None will survive

Incinerated cities falling
A burning waste
Charred lands, Devoid of life
Radiation Waves
Death squads, Hunting the streets
Leave none alive
You know the end is coming son
Nowhere to hide

Time To Die!!
Systematic Genocide, Time to end your life
Time To Die!!
Systematic Genocide, None will survive

From "Total War"
Thousands of soldiers march to their fate
Lambs to the slaughter, Certain death awaits
Trapped in a field littered with bones
Nations of fallen lying below

Now you march forward to die
Ten million bodies piled high
Mechanized engines of war spitting lead
Horrors of battle fill you with dread
Bombs are falling, Death is calling
Fire raining from the sky
Blow to bits by a hail of lead
Fall without a reason why!!

Overall Impression

9 I had so much fun listening to this album, I enjoy every song fully, not a single "ok" song, all of them just kick ass. Fast riffs, gallops, awesome harmonized riffs, super fast solos, Over the top vocals perfect for the narrator of war, fast drums with awesome grooves, Just an incredibly fun album to headbang to!!