Warmoth Guitar Review

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Warmoth Guitar
Warmoth Guitar



Original author: USAMAN
Weapon: Self built guitar
Make: Warmoth
Model: Self built
Price: 620$

This is a guitar I built from 99% Ebay treasures.


Its a swamp ash body Finished by Warmoth. It came with the original Floyd Rose. The floyd is blocked so it goes down only (I installed the blocking). Also included strap locks. Price $280.00 usd


The neck is maple with a pao ferro board, stainless steel frets (awsome), side adjust truss rod and the cool Monster Fender CBS headstock. Warmoth also offers many different neck options. This particular neck is the Wolfgang contour neck profile and has a compound radius fretboard. Basically the fretboard is rounder at the top for chording and flattens out towards the body so notes dont fret out when you perform the huge 2 1/2 step bend. Price $190.00


Two Duncan humbuckers. The bridge is a Duncan Distortion and the neck is a Duncan 59. The pickup swithing is done with a "P" type switch from Stewart Mac and it mimics a Paul Reed Smith switching arrangement. Notice the deleted volume control. I never liked the location of the strat volume knob, I always seem to hit it. I had Warmoth make me a special pickguard so now I run one volume and one tone. These controls are located where the two tone controls on a normal strat would be. Price....?? around 150.00 usd


This guitar does it all. Super heavy sounding, you would associate with a hardtail. Superb single note clairty and can mimic a single coil strat sound perfectly. Playability is excellent and the action can be set lower than I really like without buzz (I like action pretty low). Dollar for dollar you cant go wrong with warmoth. You get a custom guitar at an off the shelf price and a neat project to boot. I really had fun putting this together and it came out stellar. Used parts......one mans trash is another mans treasure.


A touch heavier than a real strat.