Warwick Gigboard RB 23100 Mini Review

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Warwick Gigboard RB 23100
Warwick Gigboard RB 23100

Warwick Gigboard RB 23100 Mini Review by Fran

Time to review a pedalboard this time!
No pedals or effects though, just the surface to place them.

I play no gigs, but even when playing in my apartment I find this thing handy to store, move & play all my stomp boxes conveniently.
Having 5 or 6 different stomps lying on the ground, and having the power source/sources scattered all over the place with the cables and stuff didn't look good, so I decided to get me a surface to place them all.

These boards are a bit expensive even without the power source included, so I decided to get one with a built-in power adapter, and I'm so glad I did. The Gigboard RB 23100 powers up to 6 different stomps with five 9V connections plus an extra 12V which I never use. It provides enough space to store 5 stomp boxes (even if they are wide, including a Wah etc.), and could easily hold up to 7 or 8 stomps as long as they are not too big (BOSS size), placing them in two different rows. I don't use so many effects as my setup is fine with a tuner>wah>dist>chorus>delay, and sometimes two distortions, but it might be too small for guitarists who have a bigger effects chain.

This is my current pedalboard:


The board provides a max. power of 400mA, which should be enough to power all stomps at the same time, and it has an "overload" light which supposedly lights if you are exceeding the limits, but I've never seen it happen. It also has a couple "loops" in case you wish to create two chains, I guess that's convenient if you place some effects in front of the amp and others in the effects loop.

It's made of plastic but seems sturdy enough to withstand some gigging. It also includes a padded gigbag to carry it all, which is great. The board surface has velcro in case you wish to "stick" your stomps there so they don't move when travelling.

One of my biggest concerns when I got this gadget was the quality of the power source. I was afraid it might not have enough quality and might introduce some noise in my signal, but it was not the case. This unit powers the stomps an adds no noise at all, so it's as good as original Boss PSA adapters in my book. I'm really pleased with how silent it is, as it should when it comes to musical instruments power adapters.

Given the price of a sepparate power source for up to 5 stomps go for, and the price that pedal-board surfaces with no built-in power sources reach, I believe this is a great buy, because it's actually cheaper than buying both things sepparate, works really well (has more than enough power, and is ultra-silent), it is well built and even has its own carrying bag. Couldn't live without it!

Have you got one? Write your review here!