Wireless Systems Samson Airline Guitar Review

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Wireless Systems Samson Airline Guitar
Wireless Systems Samson Airline Guitar



Original author: Muntahunta

Weapon: Wireless Guitar System

Make: Samson

Model:AG1 (gibson type input, also comes in AF1 for strat type inputs)

Price: £150 (around $300 USD)


I Own It


--Comes in 2 models. Gibson + Fender.
--Available for bass
--No need for large body transmiters
--Includes Input level control for active/passive pickups
--1/4" Output Jack
--Powered By 1 x AAA Batter and 1 x 9v Batery or AC Adaptor
--Peak Indicator
--LED's for power and signal
--Battery Low Indicator


I purchased a second hand samsone airline guitar system (for gibson, although fender inputs are available). it cost me £50, in the shops it costs £150. After being restricted on small stages with wires upon wires i decided to buy a wireless system and it brought out a new beast in me.


It doesnt matter what kind of music you play. These wireless systems rival the most expensive at such a low price. I have played it on a stage, in an audience, at the bar, on the bar, outside and even on a wall outside my conservitory. I have not been able to find the maximum range of this wireless system, which to me proves that im not going to need to get to the maximum range.


There is no frequency change. Unfortunatly at the last gig i played there was a wireless microphone using the same frequency as my wireless kit. luckily the wireless microphone had the ability to broadcast on multiple frequencies so there was no problem. If there is a way to change the frequency of this wireless system, i havn't found it yet.

Overall Impression

9/10 This peice of equipment is more than worth its weight in gold.... that wouldnt be much but you get my point. I recommend one of these to every guitarist that plays live or is always stuck with wires EVERYWHERE! They are so much fun, when i first got mine i couldnt stop running around outside my house while listening to my amp through the bedroom window... yes, i was getting strange looks from the neighbours.

Editorial note: published 2007-10-22