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Zakk Wylde

Zakk Wylde is an American guitarist, singer, and piano player.

Ozzy Osbourne(left) Zakk Wylde(right)
Ozzy Osbourne(left) Zakk Wylde(right)


Born on the 01.14.1967 in Bayonne, New Jersey as Jeffery Philip Wielandt, Zakk Wylde has become a great influence in the Music world. He started playing guitar at the year of 8 but lost interest and picked the guitar up again at the age of 14 after trying out his friends Les Paul with a Big Muff Distortion Pedal. First he covered Black Sabbath and ZZ Top songs with his band Stone Henge, at High school he joined several other bands, including Zyris. While he was with Zyris he changed his name to Zachary Wyland. Without any hope of success he applied to the post of the replacement of Jake E. Lee in Ozzy Osbourne's band and got invited. A week later he got signed by Ozzy, in the year 1987. That made the only 20 year old Zakk the youngest guitarist ever to play stadium shows.Touring and recording with Ozzy he changed his name again to Zakk Wylde. In 1992 he was asked to join Guns N' Roses as their new guitarist but Zakk hesitated too long: Gn'R couldn't wait and went on without him. Now that he had some spare time to record some Solo-records with his side-project Pride & Glory. After the Ozzy-Tour of 1998 he had enough time to start his new Band Black Label Society which he continues till today.

Musical Style

Zakk Wylde plays a Hard Rock Style, characterized by his infamous Artificial Harmonics, wild bendings and insane fast minor pentatonic Solos played with fast alternate picking. His sound comes from Marshall jcm800 halfstacks, played with a lot of overdrive. He is famous for Heavy but bluesy Riffs, typical for southern Rock music. He also plays the Piano and sings in his own bands where he sounds kinda like a drunk version of ozzy osbourne.


Custom Bullseye Les Paul
Custom Bullseye Les Paul

Zakk uses Gibson Les Paul guitars, equipped with emg 81/85 Humbuckers. He has his own signature series with the custom 'bullseye' graphics by Gibson and Epiphone, but he can also be seen with Flying V's or RR models or even with a dean razorback, designed by his drinking-friend Dimebag Darrel. He uses Marshall jcm800 halfstacks, a Boos Sd-1 overdrive, a boss Chorus Pedal, a Dunlop Crybaby Wah and a Rotovibe.


With 'Pride & Glory'

   * Pride & Glory (1994)


   * 1987 Instrumental Solo Demo Tape
   * Book of Shadows (1996)

With Black Label Society

   * Sonic Brew (1999)
   * Stronger Than Death (2000)
   * Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live +5 (2001)
   * 1919 Eternal (2002)
   * The Blessed Hellride (2003)
   * Boozed, Broozed, and Broken Boned (DVD) (2003) (Certified Platinum)
   * Hangover Music Vol. VI (2004)
   * Mafia (2005)
   * Kings of Damnation 98-04 (Career Retrospective) (2005)
   * Shot To Hell (2006)
   * The European Invasion:Doom Trooping Live (2006) (DVD)

With Ozzy Osbourne

   * No Rest For The Wicked (1988)
   * Just Say Ozzy (1990)
   * No More Tears (1991)
   * Ozzmosis (1995)
   * Down to Earth (2001)
   * Live At Budokan (2002)
   * Black Rain (2007)


   * Stairway To Heaven/Highway To Hell (1989)
   * Ward One: Along the Way (1990)
   * Dweezil Zappa: Confessions (1991)
   * LA Blues Authority (1991)
   * Britny Fox: Bite Down Hard (1991)
   * Guitars that Rule the World (1992)
   * C.P.R (1992)
   * Stevie Salas: The Electric Pow Wow (1993)
   * Blackfoot:After the reign (1994)
   * Stairway to Heaven Tribute (1997)
   * Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus 2 (1997)
   * Hard Pressed - Nobuteura Mada (1997)
   * Love: Tokma (1997)
   * Merry Axemas Vol.2 - More Guitars (1998)
   * RE-SET - Marcy (1998)
   * Humanary Stew - A Tribute To Alice Cooper (1999)
   * Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millennium (2001)
   * Rock Star Soundtrack (2001)
   * Themes of Horror (2001)
   * Gibson's 50th Anniversary (2002)
   * Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary (2003)
   * Damageplan - New Found Power (2004)
   * Fozzy - All That Remains (2005)
   * VH1 Rock Honors with Ozzy Osbourne (2007)

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