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Kristofer Dahl

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Date of Birth: Sep 12th 1981
Been playing guitar since: 1998

I picked up the guitar at the age of 10 and I started practicing seriously at the age of 18. I took regular lessons during one year learning theory with Therion guitarist Kristian Niemann.

Before deciding to professionally go for a music career I studied matheology, informatics, environmental care, political science and even sport fishing.

Playing and Influences
I am fascinated by Marty Friedman's phrasing, vibrato and unusual note choice. I love Steve Morse's musical approach to speedpicking. Allan Holdsworth's playing is from another planet and every aspect of his music is totally unique (to me!). Eric Johnson's approach to perfectionism and tone is something I believe everyone can learn from. Yngwie was the guitarist who opened up my eyes to what was possible on the guitar, he also has a vibrato worth checking out!

I believe the most important thing is how you approach learning, practicing and your own potential as a musician. Hopefully I manage to get this through in my lessons and forum participation.

GMC has changed my life through the input I have got from students and instructors here - I hope the same will happen to you!

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