Beginner's Corner 22: Hammer-On

by Bear Rose

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  • Hey GMC!

    Let's look at hammer-ons! If you're interested in learning to play with some killer legato, this is the place to start. Hammer-ons are the first half of legato. We'll progress from absolute beginner to more advanced beginner through this lesson and learn some fun licks along the way!


    We'll be using the diatonic scale of Bb major

    Chord progression:

    Bb, Cm, Bb/D, Eb (x4)
    and then ending on Bb

    Equipment and Sound: I used a Telecaster with single coil pickups on the middle position (both pickups), a Fulldrive 2 for a volume boost and very little gain added, and a Fender Blues Jr NOS amp. I mic'd it with an AKG D320B microphone and recorded into Garageband. I added a little reverb, delay, and compression after it had been recorded in Garageband.

    A 440 Standard

    If you have any questions:
    * Give feedback (upper-right-corner)
    * General Forum

    Let's get started!


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