Hybrid Blues - Dynamics & Arpeggios

by Darius Wave

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  • Hi there folks!

    Welcome to the Hybrid blues lesson!

    This lesson combines a few different workouts - phrasing, dynamics and arpeggios. To keep better dynamics response I use crunch type of drive. It contains examples of how to use augmented and diminished scale in a popular blues progression. I love when things have the groove so all is based on funky rhythm section. Focus on the variety of tones caused by different picking strength. Good lesson for "tone from the hand" workout.

    Gear used (in order of connection chain placement):

    1. Hufschmid Helldunkel All Sapeli electric guitar (Custom pickups)
    2. Behringer MIC100 tube preamp (-20db switch on, gain and out knobs about 50%)
    3. Presonus Inspire 1394 firewire audio interface (input gain 25%)
    4. Guitar Suite JCM900 - VST amp sim (default settings), cab sim built-in


    Standard - E1 B2 G3 D4 A5 E6

    Backing track progression:

    4/4 ||: Cm | Cm | F | F | Cm | Cm | F | F | Cm | Cm | F | F | Ab | Ab | G | G :|| Cm |

    Tempo: Main song tempo is 140 bpm. There are also backing tracks available at 70, 85, 105, 125 and 140 bpm.

    Time signature: 4/4

    Scales used in this lesson:

    C minor

    C dorian

    C harmonic minor

    Ab lydian mode

    D diminished arpeggio

    G augmented arpeggio

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