Modal Madness: 2 string patterns

by Zsolt Galambos

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  • Hi GMC-ers!

    In this "Modal Madness" lesson we will learn a two string pattern in A minor.

    This pattern is fairly easy to play, however there are few basic things you have to pay attention to: pick every note even, every note should last the same amount of time, pay attention to the timing and you metronome.

    Firs have it down slow on a fairly slow tempo. If, for example, the tempo you can play it is 50 bpm, practice it on that bmp for a few days, and eventually, when you are completely familiar with it, speed it up a bit, for 3-5 bpm-s.

    The tuning's in D: D, G, C, F, A, D.

    Have Fun!

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